Surf the net from tv

  mstodge 23:43 23 Jul 2004


Does anybody now if there is a device that allows you to surf the internet and watch movies from your pc on the tv. A bit like Hauppauge Media MVP Network Media TV Centre:
click here

I have the Pc upstairs and the tv downstairs. and i subscribe to a football channel online that has a few live games now and again, and i would like to be able to watch them from the comfort of my couch, not hunched over a pc.



  GaT7 00:24 24 Jul 2004

If it's any help, the Hauppauge Media MVP is available in the UK - click here for the retailers. At Ebuyer click here. HTH, G

  mstodge 00:51 24 Jul 2004

hi thanks for the reply.

the Hauppauge Media MVP doesn't allow me to surf the net.


  GaT7 01:01 24 Jul 2004

OK, I had no idea.

Have you seen NTL's Internet via TV? click here. Wonder how good it is, especially speedwise & what the subscription terms are like. May be worth enquiring with NTL, plus posting a query about it here or on the ConsumerWatch forum. G

  mstodge 01:16 24 Jul 2004

thanks for the reply. the ntl is not what i'm looking for really. I shall keep searching


  €dstowe 06:57 24 Jul 2004

A television screen doesn't have anywhere near the definition required to be able to use it as a computer monitor and if you are expecting to be able to read small size text, forget it.

Take a close look at your TV screen from about the distance you normally use your computer and see the very poor resolution yourself.

I'd forget it if I were you.

  lightfeet 12:10 24 Jul 2004

You could consider a Netgem Freeview Box which gives access to the internet from your TV as well as receiving all Freeview channels. However as Cdstowe says, the resolution on a TV is poor & I’m not sure that you would be able to fully enjoy the football.
Incidentally I recently bought my Netgem from Makro for just under £40 + VAT in their sale (I think they are still available out of sale for an extra £10) It’s an excellent piece of kit for receiving Freeview & you can program the unit with your own ISP phone number. It came with a full size remote keyboard in the price for easier access to the Internet

  SEASHANTY 12:45 24 Jul 2004

Netgem Freeview box info from Radio & Telly at
click here

  Stuartli 13:19 24 Jul 2004

Best solution would be wireless broadband and a laptop that you can use on your lap whilst watching the TV soccer.

Whilst on the subject of Hauppauge cards, Scan of Bolton's TodayOnly page this weekend combines a Hauppauge PVR-350 with a Teac DVW58D DVD±RW Writer Combo for £116.33 including VAT:

click here

  mstodge 15:46 25 Jul 2004

Thanks for the replies lads.

I have a plasma tv to view the net, which has a vga input. I was thinking of buying a very long vga cable and connecting it that way (missus wont be to happy though)

the problem then is how to i use the keyboard and mouse. another very long cable do you think.

is the Netgem Freeview Box ok with broadband?


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