Bonzy 10:45 25 Feb 2005

Hello friends. The pc I use to access the internet is an XP Pro client on a client-server network. I find it impossible to download drivers. Sometimes when I locate programs eg drivers etc and click on DOWNLOAD to get it, the nasty pop-up message is SURF CONTROL. ACCESS DENIED. This makes it impossible to get programs and other material I need from the net. What's the way out, please. Thanx in advance

  Bonzy 15:29 01 Mar 2005

Thanx for response. Unfortunately the system administrator is not available so what I'll have to do is probably to access the internet using my dial-up pc. What I really needed today was a diagnostic software called powermax from the MAXTOR website. I need it to test a quantum hdd. I traced it on the site alright but on clicking DOWNLOAD the pop-up message was as above-ACCESS DENIED! What do I need to change on my dial-up pc to remove this restriction? Please help. Thanx in advance.

  Bonzy 13:25 02 Mar 2005

The dial-up pc is a standalone at home.

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