Surf canyon

  bumpkin 18:36 06 Dec 2011

A thing called Surf Canyon has appeared on my machine. How do I get rid of this crap and where did it come from?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 06 Dec 2011

Q: How do I uninstall the browser extension? A: Open Firefox and select "Tools" from the top menu. Select "Add-ons", then select "Extensions", and then click the "uninstall" button next to Surf Canyon. The browser extension will be removed the next time you restart Firefox.

Q: How do I remove Surf Canyon from Firefox's SearchBar? A: Click the down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your browser just to the right of the SearchBar. Selecting "Change Search Defaults..." will bring up a menu that will let you remove Surf Canyon.

Q: When I try to uninstall the extension on Firefox, why is it still there after I restart Firefox? A:If after closing and then restarting Firefox you see that Surf Canyon is still present in the Add-ons menu, it's possible that Firefox was re-opened before it had an opportunity to completely shut down. Even after the Firefox window disappears, it sometimes takes a while for the background process to complete its shutdown procedure and remove itself from memory. The solution is to select "uninstall" from the Add-on menu and then, rather than "Restart" Firefox, "Exit" Firefox from the "File" menu. Wait a minute before opening Firefox again.

Q: How do I disable the browser extension? A: Select "Tools", "Add-ons" and then click the "Disable" button next to Surf Canyon. To re-enable Surf Canyon, go back and click "Enable".


  bumpkin 00:49 07 Dec 2011

Thanks for your reply Fruitbat. I have not had to do anything, shortly after my posting I got a message saying it had been removed which it has. Curious as to where the message came from.

There used to be a solved box or something like that to end a thread but i can`t find it.

  Nontek 08:45 07 Dec 2011

To show thread as Resolved, click on the grey arrow on the right, this will then change colour to Green for all to see!

  bumpkin 17:23 28 Feb 2012

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