Surely Symform risks your data on private computers

  cowgirl66 18:50 16 Sep 2013

I am reading up on Symform, wondering whether its innovative idea is secure at all. After all, they claim they break up your data into tiny portions, and send these to other users computers. But what if THEIR computers crashed, their houses caught fire or their dogs ate the hard drive? I'm obviously not getting the point here. It would be great if only I could trust it.

How does it work??

Regards cowgirl66

  Secret-Squirrel 20:20 16 Sep 2013

..........less of a worry but equally perplexing is what happens if you need to restore your data but some (or all) of the PCs that are storing the fragments are switched off?

I don't think I'll be bothering with it and I'll carry on backing up onto removable hard drives.

  bumpkin 22:24 16 Sep 2013


I can't understand why any home user would want to do that with their data when as SS says you can store it yourself on a removable drive. Nobody can access it from there and you can't accidentally destroy it yourself once disconnected.

  symform 18:31 17 Sep 2013

Hey everyone, I work for Symform and wanted to chime in here. We use a RAID-like algorithm to build redundancy into the data we store on devices. So only a portion of the devices storing any one block need to be available at any given time in order to restore the data. And the system is self-healing, so if we notice a device down for a certain amount of time the fragments that it hosts will be regenerated and redistributed. Read more about this from these links:

click here in regard to using external drives, the advantage of a cloud service like Symform is that it is constantly updated in real time (assuming you are connected to the internet) so you don't have to remember to copy files over on some schedule. Also, if you have your stuff on a drive and that drive is lost or destroyed you are SOL. With a cloud service you don't have to worry about fire, theft, or hardware failure. Of course, having your important stuff on a removable drive is a good first step if you aren't doing any other backup.

Hope that helps!


  symform 18:33 17 Sep 2013

This is my first time posting here and it appears the system messed up my message a bit in an attempt to automatically create hyperlinks. Sorry about that, hope it all makes sense!

  Secret-Squirrel 20:24 17 Sep 2013

Thanks for the interesting explanation.

  lotvic 21:42 17 Sep 2013

"the system messed up my message a bit" it's always doing that - never know quite how it will turn out... techies keep tweaking it.

  symform 22:32 17 Sep 2013

Very odd. It relegated my "And" to the bottom, where it should have read "And in regard to using external drives." Those two links should have been right before that sentence, and I never typed "click here." :)

  bumpkin 22:52 17 Sep 2013


"Very odd" not here it is the norm.

  lotvic 22:55 17 Sep 2013

symform, When a url is pasted in it changes to the words 'Click Here'. Unfortunately, sometimes - as your post shows - there is some sort of glitch that causes the word after the url to move to the bottom and your 2nd url to be pasted in full.

There are variations on the above that seem to happen at random. We've learnt to live with it :)

It never seems to post the way it is set out in the preview box ;-)

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