Sure way of checking rechargeable batteries?

  spuds 11:54 30 Jan 2012

I have a number of rechargeable batteries (AAA-AA-C- D) that I charge using approved charger's. I am now finding that the 'completed' charge rate can be suspect, possible due to battery condition and age.

Made a number of purchases of cheaper type voltage 'test' devices, but the results seem suspect as well. I realise that there are specialist test equipment costing £hundreds, but I do not consider this a worthwhile venture for a few batteries per week.

So back to my original question: Is there a sure, cheap and easy way of checking 'standard' normal use rechargeable's of the type mentioned?.

Any advice or help would be very much appreciated.

  KRONOS the First 12:16 30 Jan 2012

Might be something here? Batteries.

  robin_x 12:33 30 Jan 2012

Energizer FAQs pdf See No 21.

General advice here

It's a tricky problem. Are these the type of testers you have tried?

It may be easier to just find a good and cheap supplier and chuck the batteries out.

Generally I find NiMH mostly reliable enough over 1-2 years and a few hundred cycles.

Post back if you find a definitive answer/conclusion!

  spuds 12:57 31 Jan 2012

Thanks guys, plenty of reading information there. I will go through it all a little later.


The testers on your Amazon link shows some of the items I have tried, most are just basic volt testers. In the link, number 17 was an item I purchased recently, because I was informed that it could 'load' test (I think one of the reviews might suggest that?), but I have serious doubts about its capability on load testing. Item 8 is more likely to do the job, and the reviews might suggest this, plus Ansmann seem to be the known brand for this type of testing equipment. Their testing products can run into the very professional £hundreds range.

I'll probably try to contact Ansmann support, and see what they can confirm or suggest.

  robin_x 13:19 31 Jan 2012

It looks worth investigating. £30 is not excessive for a genuine need but would be most annoying if it turned out to give unreliable results.

Another useful site for battery info is below. I normally refer to it for Li-ion laptop batteries which most Help queries seem to involve these days.

But of course it includes info re NiMH and batteries in general.

  spuds 14:08 31 Jan 2012

Just had an interesting on-line chat with RS Components the Ansmann UK distributor.

Apparently the advisor doesn't know if the Ansmann 4000392 as per item 8 in the link, can do a load or condition test!.

I also asked if they could recommend anything. The advisor didn't know?.

It would seem that an engineer's enquiry is required, and this would mean opening an account?.

Looks like trying to make direct contact with Ansmann in Germany, if possible!.


Thanks for the help so far,very much appreciated, but it isn't batteries that I want, because I already have a couple of good suppliers. In both cases the suppliers can only offer regular supplies of batteries and not information or equipment on how to test the batteries.

Its seems a pity, that a rechargeable battery might need to be dumped after only a few charges, because it cannot be tested correctly and easily. Or whether the chargers that I use for rechargeables are actually doing their job, as they are suppose to do?.

  spuds 13:14 03 Feb 2012

A final update

I have been in touch with another Ansmann stockist, and they have informed me that Ansmann 4000392 item that I was considering will not do the task, but they did suggest that the Ansmann C900 Wizard One might.

Ansmann Germany was contacted via email, and I have yet to receive a response.

One of the previous charger/testers that I purchased was from 7DayShop, but I was not sure if it was checking for condition, or not working correctly. I have approach 7DayShop again, and they have suggested an updated version of the item that I have. This should charge and condition the batteries in question, so I have placed an order for that item. This should then give me some indication as to the other items working correctly or not procedures.

If anyone is interested in the charger/tester that I am referring, then look at the 7DayShop website using product reference 105029 (£7.99 delivered) Would point out, that this unit is for AA-AAA rechargeable batteries, and not a variation of rechargeable batteries. With this product comes a 30 day returns no quibble arrangement, if you are not satisfied with the item.

So its now a case of waiting for the selected product to turn up, then do a test run. I will report back and give a final verdict, hopefully!.

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