Support of this site............

  Stokey 20:16 10 Jan 2003
  Stokey 20:16 10 Jan 2003

.... and the people who run it.

I hope this site lasts for as long as I do, at the very least. If PCA are suffering a bit at the moment then there is not much us punters can do to help. As one or two of you know already, I do not like finger wagging preachers expounding their opinions here, or offering advice when it has not been asked for. I realise I am going to be flamed for this but this was my response to a Consumerwatch thread.

I will say no more on this subject. Except thanks to PCA and most of all Peter (FE) who by his knowledge and obvious wisdom commands my utmost respect.



I wonder how many people are like me. I buy every issue of PCA purely to pay back something for my free use of this site. Before I discovered the site I didn't buy PCA EVERY month. I buy from the newsagents on impulse (or interest in the content) for all the other computer mags I read.
I would happily pay a little extra for PCA. I would have long since subscribed were it not for the many problems subscribers have posted here, mainly about non-delivery I think.

If PCA are in the doldrums then unfortunately they are not alone. It's not just this industry either, by a very long piece of schoolboy chalk, and it looks as if things generally are going to get much worse during 2003.

One thing we could all do is try to save space, especially in the helproom, by posting ONLY to a request for help and then only if we genuinely think we can help resolve someones problem, keeping all other irrelevant comments and unasked for advice to ourselves. Also there are a lot of threads opened up that are simply statements of opinion that really are not questions at all but receive an overwhelming response when (as with the recent Kazaa Guy) no response at all would be much the best thing.

Anyway, I don't think there is much we can do to help. It is after all a commercial decision which will eventually be decided by PCA .. one way or the other.

  graham 20:22 10 Jan 2003


  Zoneclone 20:25 10 Jan 2003

5 years without a missed delivery of PCA they were 2 inches thick then in 1998
( nice to see you have saved some space Stokey )

  Wak 20:27 10 Jan 2003


  metalmicky 20:36 10 Jan 2003

yes i hope the site can go on and survive i subscribe to p c a and will continue as it is the best and has been for some time and with this site there is a great wealth of expertise and it must remain two weeks ago there were 71000 users tonight there are 81000+ so it continues to grow the main people that use this site are looking for help oroffering there knowledge for free i have been helped a few times and when i have aked i have got replys to try to solve the problem mainley at night time when the only people to ask are on the net and at this site so please lets all do our best to keep it here thanks for everything long may it carry on

  Djohn 21:23 10 Jan 2003

Stokey, I have re-read the whole of the thread in consumerwatch, but fail to see any finger wagging preachers! regards, J.

  VoG™ 21:41 10 Jan 2003

what have I just volunteered for?

  Quiller. 21:54 10 Jan 2003

Djohn. Would you post a link to the thread please. I cannot find it.

I will probably get panned for this but I agree with most of Stokey's comments. I cannot comment on the link as I can't find it in the search engine. I think pca is absurdly cheap, when you consider the content. Looking at more expensive mags, £4.99, there's usually nowt interesting in them

  Djohn 21:58 10 Jan 2003

click here This is the discussion we are referring to, but it needs to be read with any other threads and not taken out of context, Regards, J.

  Quiller. 22:14 10 Jan 2003

Thank you Djohn.

Sober reading.

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