Support for 2nd Hard Drive?

  Mr Confused 14:07 06 Jan 2006

How would I be able to find out if my Dell computer can support a second hard drive?

  Skyver 14:20 06 Jan 2006

How many drives/CD/DVD devices do you have already?
What is the model number?

  Diemmess 14:25 06 Jan 2006

If the 'box' is normal size, there shouldn't be much trouble, but open the box and look for-

A bay large enough to contain the HD

Ideally two ribbon cables, one to the present HD and one to any CD device. If they share a cable then look for another socket on the motherboard parallel to the one already in use.

A spare power lead (red yellow and black) is handy but like a new ribbon cable is easy to buy almost anywhere.

A new HD is really a matter of screwing it in place, connecting the right cables, and then making sure the computer realises it is there, before using software to prepare it for a life of service! :o)

  Mr Confused 14:54 06 Jan 2006

Thanks for your help Skyver and Diemmess
I currently have one 30GB hard drive on the computer, a floppy drive, a dvd writer drive and a CDRW/DVD combo drive installed on the computer. I therefore presume from what you're saying that this additional hard drive would have to be replace the bay for the floppy drive or either of the optical drives - is that correct?

I don't know the exact model number I'm afraid. I've got a feeling its a Dell Dimension 3000 series (I bought it Aug 2003) but I'm not certain. I'm at work at the moment but will post the full details here when I get home.

The box is just a normal size I'll have a full look when I get home though and report back.

  rawprawn 15:02 06 Jan 2006

I think you will find that Dell have space for another HD. Look and see if there is a spare "hole" next to your HD and if there is a spare connector on the HD cable. Dell even put spare Green side locking plates for a new HD on mine screwded to the casing.(Dell 4300 bought Jan 2001)

  bretsky 16:59 06 Jan 2006

As rawprawn, my 4300 has 1 x NEC DVD/CD recorder/rewriter and below that is a Samsung CD/DVD rom drive and then below that is a 1 x 60Gb hard drive and below that is a maxtor 120Gb hardrive, so 4 hardware components, and all work in perfect harmony.

bretsky ;0)

  Diemmess 17:30 06 Jan 2006

The mechanical issues -

Almost certain that there will be at least one spare bay inside.
If there is absolutely nowhere to mount an extra HD inside, then you must consider using an external HD connected by USB, but you probably won't have to go that far.

Also very likely there will be a surplus power lead available tucked away with the rest.
A data (flat ribbon)cable will amost certainly need to be bought if only to enable fitting 4 gadgets to two sources. i.e. 2 HDs and 2CDxx

Actually bringing a new HD into service is not difficult (when you know how!) Lots of threads on here about doing that, or you can start your own.

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