Kiraodo 17:50 24 Dec 2005

I am considering a new PC. It would appear that most manufaturers DO NOT supply original Windows disks. Is this correct?
I would have thought that having purchased the licence to use the software I would be entitlted to a copy of it for future repair / re-installation.

Any advice?

  woodchip 17:54 24 Dec 2005

If you get a Computer with OS pr-installed you should make Image files of Partitions strait away so it can be put back as new, if you have problems. You should also backup your Personnel files photos after. OS installed this way make it cheaper for you to purchase

  PC Bilbo 18:06 24 Dec 2005

Agree with woodchip but you will probably need to spend £30-£40 on an imaging programme like Norton Ghost or Acronis Drive Image.

You should be able to pick up your own licensed OEM copy of Windows XP Home SP2 for no more than £65.00 for use on your new machine only.

I regularly buy at less than this without having to buy other bits.It's down to the indivudal trader.

  GaT7 18:06 24 Dec 2005

woodchip provides good tips regarding making image files & backing up your data.

Cube247 click here is one company that supplies the original CD & license, but their systems are not the best value for money (when compared to Mesh anyway). G

  citadel 18:17 24 Dec 2005

I got a windows dic with my latest pc from a local company. With some firms I think you can specify you want the disc and they charge extra for it.

  961 18:46 24 Dec 2005

As Citadel says, many local firms will supply a disc, sometimes at a nominal charge under £10

If you enquire of Dell they used to supply the full operating system on the cd that came with the pc although it was not described as such. Perhaps they still do

Time, before it went the way of several others, chanced their arm by asking £60 for the disc

The answer quite simply is to stipulate it as a condition of purchase. (In writing)

I have to say that I would not dream of using a computer without a disc of the operating system in case things went belly up

My solution, quite a while ago, was to buy a retail version of windows, which I move from computer to computer as I build a new one. This won't suit everyone because there is a problem if you want to sell the old computer

The cheapest way now, I feel, is to get an oem version with the computer, but to insist on the disc, so that if things go wrong, you don't need to go back to the original set up and lose all your own work

  SG Atlantis® 18:46 24 Dec 2005

you get to make a backup recovery cd. which will serve the same purpose. I too was reluctant to take a preinstalled OS but the compaq proved to be amazing value compared to what the local shop offered.

Woodchip is spot on with his valuable advice. I have been told as well that MS discourage manufacturers from giving out OS disks as it acts as a deterrent to copyright infringement, illegal uses of the disk and windows.

  Kiraodo 19:47 24 Dec 2005

Thanks to all for the info.

Merry Xmas!!

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