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  johndrew 14:13 29 Sep 2011

I have been having problems with my 6 year old XP Pro PC of late and all efforts to diagnose the cause have, to date, failed. As a result it seems the most cost effective option is to move on to a W7 Professional machine (I need 'Professional' to run my XP software) rather than spend money on various hardware replacements to this one in the hope of curing the problem.

Given the current parlous state of the economy where many businesses (including the providers of PCs) are not as healthy as we should all like, I am looking for suggestions/advice on any reliable company that could provide a reasonable specification PC with W7 Professional (ideally a full version) and support if necessary.

I feel certain there are many who have had dealings with such suppliers and are willing to pass on their experiences. Similarly if there are any who should be avoided, such advice would be welcome.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Nontek 14:21 29 Sep 2011

Give a try, well known on this forum, have a very good reputation.

  Terry Brown 14:39 29 Sep 2011

In the past, I have used Microdirect, however the offically went bankcrupt in June 2011 and have been taken over by a new company.

Wether the new company is as good as the old, waits to be seen, however they are still trading under their old name. Your choice.

I have also bought from Novatech, and their delivery service is excellent as are the quality of their goods, however if you have a fault / problem, the backup is rather slow in responding.


  hastelloy 19:59 29 Sep 2011

For myself and friends, I've had 3 PCs and a laptop from Novatech in the last 14 months. I did have a problem with both DVD burners faulty in 1 PC. The replacements arrived the morning after I rang them. I still have the faulty ones as they didn't want them back and, being me, I can't bring myself to throw them away!!

  johndrew 13:30 01 Oct 2011

Does any one have any information on PC Specialist by any chance?

  johndrew 14:32 11 Oct 2011

Many thanks to all. I am considering my options.

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