Supplier online feedback forms- comment blocks

  Newuser964 15:58 08 Jun 2010

Whenever I click on to Email on a supplier site, I am asked to give relevant information which usually ends with a Comment block. Whatever I write in this, it appears to be invisible to the site as I always get back an error message saying "Comments mandatory" or "Provide comments" or similar. I used to think this was a deliberate ploy so that the supplier did not have to deal with email queries, but I find it happens regardless of who the supplier is. One supplier told me by 'phone that his site rejects certain characters, but I find it happens even if I use only English alphabetic letters, commas and full stops. This query is in a comment box so I shall see if it reaches the forum!

  howard64 17:15 09 Jun 2010

well it reached the forum ok - it could be a security setting on your pc - perhaps lower it medium low in tools - internet options - security

  Newuser964 19:04 09 Jun 2010

Thanks, howard64. I have already in Privacy [I use Firefox] allowed cookies, and in Security allow add-ons [tho' wld not have thought a comments box is one of those]but neither does the trick!

  howard64 12:27 10 Jun 2010

in that case I would check that your firewall is not blocking things try one of the sites you are having problems with and then see if your firewall has it shown as blocked.

  Newuser964 18:19 10 Jun 2010

Thanks, howard64, but I can't find anything in the firewall [ZA] logs to show that.

  Newuser964 18:20 10 Jun 2010

Thanks, howard64, but I can't find anything in the firewall [ZA] logs to show that.

  howard64 07:59 11 Jun 2010

another thought - do you have cookies enabled? it might be that the sites will not accept the entry without knowing you and that is done via the cookie they set up on your pc.

  Newuser964 11:59 14 Jun 2010

Sorry for late reply, have been away for weekend. In fact I have cookies selectively enabled, can say Accept or Reject to avoid all the trackers and hangers on, but in any case have told this site I will accept them; same w. some other sites I've had probs. with

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