superscript in Excel

  trickydicky 20:37 28 Oct 2004

Is there any way that you can use superscript in Excel 2000. I know how to get a button on my toolbar in Word 2000 and I thought that it would be the same in Excel, how wrong I was. Somebody has said that you can push Alt and then some numeral keys and it would do it. I need to be able to do metres squared and metres cubed.

  VoG II 20:40 28 Oct 2004

Type m3 into a cell. Select the cell. You will see "m3" in the formula bar. Select just the 3 in the formula bar, Format/Cells and tick Superscript.

  Alan2 21:50 28 Oct 2004

If you want (m³) you have to select ")" and any text to the right then go back to Format/Cells and untick Superscript.

  VoG II 22:18 28 Oct 2004

Not if you just superscript (only) the text that you select in the formula bar.

  trickydicky 11:59 30 Oct 2004

thanks VoG your solution works a treat, it seems a long winded way of doing it but thats Microsoft for you. Why they do not allow you to put a button on your toolbar like you can in Word I have no idea.

Thanks VoG

  VoG II 12:19 30 Oct 2004

If you are going to be formatting more complicated things than e.g. m² then you might find click here handy.

  Alan2 16:58 30 Oct 2004

You are right - I was just put off by the quirkiness of Excel's formating and totally agree with trickydicky that MS could do more to harmonise the basics across Office.

However, that add-in looks to be a useful supplement.

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