Superscript dates in Word 2013 (ordinals)

  Dragonfly2 16:01 27 Aug 2014

I'm producing a programme of events where a lot of people have given me material, which I've collated together, copying them into a document on my computer.

There are a lot of dates in the document, and the formatting is varied with some of the ordinals (e.g. the "th" bit of "6th")are in superscript, and some are in normal type. I want the whole lot in normal type, without having to correct each occurence one by one

I know how to change this when I'm typing normally. But when a lot of the material comes from other people, I can't see a way to globally change this over the whole document.

I've tried copying and pasting it via Notepad, but that gets rid of all the other formatting as well!

Is there a way to get rid of all the superscript for the whole document in one go?

Any advice will be welcomed please - this is something that crops up regularly.

  Woolwell 16:24 27 Aug 2014

After quite a bit of experimenting I have got it to work.

Open Find and replace - Replace In the Find what - open format (bottom left) - Choose Font and make sure that only superscript is ticked. Then in Replace with - open format - Choose font and untick all boxes making sure that none are still coloured (filled). Then use standard find and replace. You do not have to put any letters in the boxes as it should look for the format and replace.

Hope this works for you too.

  Ian in Northampton 16:47 27 Aug 2014

Wow, Woolwell - that's very impressive! (I had to try it, even though i have no need of it...)

  Dragonfly2 12:18 28 Aug 2014

Hi Woolwell, Many thanks, I'll give it a try!

  Dragonfly2 12:30 28 Aug 2014

Hi again Woolwell,

YES - it worked! Very many thanks, you've made not only my day but my week and month as well. Perhaps I can use the same method to replace all sort of other typos and errors of style that other people make......

  Woolwell 13:09 28 Aug 2014

You can use that method for other multiple changes.

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