supermicro X5DA8

  hadileen 11:44 24 Jul 2003

dear sir, i bought the supermicro x5da8,with two xeon 2.4g 533mhz bus and 36gb seagate with THE recommended supermicro case , i also bought
two pieces of the simpleteck memory S512M3RGK1 from simple teck ,"this is what they recommended in their website for this specific board", when
i turn on the system it gives me a long beep, to my understanding it's a
memory issue , my vga is the matrox parhelia 128mb x8 , i replaced the
vga,WITH NO LUCK, . could you please help

  sil_ver 12:25 24 Jul 2003

Assuming it's an AMIBIOS then a long beep does indicate a memory failure. Is this a self built PC or off the shelf. If the latter then does it work ok with the original RAM stick(s)? If it is self built make sure that the memory sticks are properly seated, try swapping them over or fit them one at a time in each slot testing with each move.

  sil_ver 12:28 24 Jul 2003

The website you point to appears to be a web hosting site

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