superbudget PC ok for my needs

  Digit 22:27 08 Jun 2005

I need to replace my PC.

Main use is for:-
Surfing the net,
Letter writing,
Photo editing, With Paint shop pro 8
In the superbudget section which are recommended, are these machines ok for my needs.

Any help and advice would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.

  Gaz W 22:43 08 Jun 2005

Having just glanced at the specs for these machines, any would be suitable really. I run Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 on a slower PC than that, and Photoshop is similar to Paint Shop Pro. The ones I looked at in the superbudget section had Athlon 64 processors and I think 512MB RAM, which I think would be fine.

I'm no expert on Paint Shop Pro or photo editing, but I don't think you would have much of a problem with one of these systems. - somebody please correct me if I'm wrong though! What I mean by that is, it may depend on what you want to do with Paint Shop Pro, but I'd imagine those specs could pretty much handle everything.

  Pooke 22:52 08 Jun 2005

Those specifications seem spot on for you, Gaz is right.

  Digit 23:18 08 Jun 2005

Gaz thanks for your opinion, will keep the thread open for a little while longer see what others say.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:41 08 Jun 2005

click here dell have some cracking machines for £359 INc VAT and delivery. They will be more than you will need.


  Digit 00:41 09 Jun 2005

Thanks for all help, look like you have saved me mony, thanks Gandalf

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