Superantispyware Update causes some problems

  thumbscrew 10:24 08 Sep 2012

When I used Superantispyware yesterday it revealed an update. I clicked on it and regretted it. Froze the screen, nothing worked even shutdown and, once again System Restore saved the day. Has anyone else had the same issue? Also Google has vanished from my Searchbar and the drop down box with the small arrow. I've managed to retrieve Google, but the multi coloured little Searchbar symbol has changed completely, it's now all blue and a different shape. I hate change, it usually precedes a disaster...can anyone tell me how to revert to the original Google symbol?

  lotvic 12:51 08 Sep 2012

multi coloured little Searchbar symbol is called a 'favicon' and the new google one is blue with a white lower case 'g' so don't think you can change that (it may be possible but why bother?)

Thanks for heads up about possible prob with Superantispyware update, I think I'll wait a bit for general reaction and fix.

  rdave13 12:54 08 Sep 2012

I've had the update on two Win 7, one Vista, and one XP machines with no problem.

  lotvic 13:17 08 Sep 2012

Thanks rdave13, I'll make a restore point (maybe wait until after Sunday's scheduled drive image) just to be on safe side, considering the way my lucks been this week... ;)

  jellyhead 14:10 08 Sep 2012

Updated on XP no problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:58 08 Sep 2012

Updated on XP

Now tells me definition database is a year out of date and fails connection when I try to update.

Although scan appears to work and found tracking cookies

  northumbria61 17:19 08 Sep 2012

Updated on Win 7 - no problems.

  p;3 17:51 08 Sep 2012

How did you try to do the Update?

Did you open the main program then click on update or' take its word for it 'by going for the small Task Bar icon?

  thumbscrew 18:24 08 Sep 2012

Sorry for the delayed response and many thanks for all your posts. Delayed because buoyed by your successes I thought that perhaps my problems were a one-off....and I clicked on the upgrade again....disaster! P;3, I think it was accurately an upgrade, not the usual updates that are within the SAS box, a small box bottom right of my screen, informing me that there was an upgrade- that was the culprit! As soon as I clicked everything froze, wouldn't turn off/nothing responded and I had to hold the on/off button in to shut down. Yesterday, on rebooting it went through a complete disc check, about 30 minutes, still no joy but I managed to System Restore. Same again today, only no disc check, wouldn't start in Safe Mode but I managed to get Sys Res again and it seems kosher now. (Incidentally, I've never kissed a man, but if I ever meet the guy who thought up Sys Res, I may not be able to make that statement!) SAS is now "Ex" on my machine and, as none of you seem to have had any problems, I can only assume that somehow it clashed with something in my ancient computer. Computers eh?? Thanks everyone, for your help.

  thumbscrew 19:27 08 Sep 2012
  rdave13 19:33 08 Sep 2012

Good link. Seems there was a problem for some. That was dated 27/08/12, should have been fixed now.

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