super slow 4-5 MB/sec transfer rate between hard drives

  lonemascot 21:08 01 Jul 2011

My PC has been playing up recently getting slower and slower and I've decided to format the HDD upgrade to windows 7 and start again. So I'm in the process of backing up my files to an external HDD but I'm getting the slowest transfer rate ever. It was never great (no more than 25MB/sec) but never as low as 4 or 5 MB/sec.

My PC HDD is a 7200rpm SATA. EXT HDD is connected direct to PC via USB 2 cable.

Any ideas on how to fix this so i can finish backing up this side of the next decade.

Also, I have just bought a 1TB NAS for streaming media to my PS3 and also for backup but the transfer rate to this is even worse (less than 1MB/sec). This is connected direct to my router via ethernet and the router is connected to my PC via ethernet as well.

  johndrew 10:08 02 Jul 2011

Is the external drive getting full? This will slow the transfer rate.

Are the USB sockets and plugs clean? Fluff and dust can cause problems.

Are any of the files being transferred corrupt?

Is your security scanning everything on transfer and causing a bottleneck?

You don't give your OS but this may help also link text

  woodchip 12:24 02 Jul 2011

It sounds like the USB is only working as a USB 1 Speed

  lonemascot 12:38 02 Jul 2011

USB is clean and dust free.

EXT HDD is pretty full and should be connected by USB 2. How do i check if its running at 1 or 2?

NAS is empty and connected by Cat 5e cabling. longest run of 10m max. my computer ethernet port is gigabit and so is the NAS but my router is some sky broadband cheapo so I doubt its anything more than 10/100 mb/s. I'm assuming that'll be the bottleneck but surely it'd be faster than it is.

  lonemascot 13:29 02 Jul 2011

i followed the directions on the link provided. transfer rate for USB connected EXT DD is around 32MB/s and much better. so thannks for that tip.

NAS is still painfully slow. This is the one I'll mainly be using from now on so I need this one sorted really. Will all the ports on the back of my router carry the same connection speed? Its a sky sagem router. One of the ports is a different colour.

  lonemascot 21:08 07 Jul 2011

Any ideas on getting the media server hard drive to increase transfer rate? I know my router is the bottle neck but that should still allow more than 10MB/sec shouldn't it?

  johndrew 09:35 08 Jul 2011

Have a look at this link" target="_blank">">link text, it solved one problem, maybe yours as well.

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