Super loud current noise in microphone

  G3cko 19:42 16 Nov 2018

Whenever I have my microphone plugged in, it makes this noise: 1">[click here it is possible to hear my voice if I talk, it's almost impossible due to the noise. It's not my headset that's the problem (I've tried it on other devices with no issues), but it's an attitude one Tunguska 2.0. The microphone still somehow picks up some noise even when it's unplugged.

Thanks for any help in advance, just ask if there's any information you need.

1]: [click here


  wee eddie 19:49 16 Nov 2018

I suspect feedback

  wee eddie 19:52 16 Nov 2018

I suspect feedback

  G3cko 20:01 16 Nov 2018

Do you know of a possible fix?

  wee eddie 20:22 16 Nov 2018

Feedback is caused by a sound from the Speakers being picked up by the Mic and relayed in a loop.

The usual cure is to move the Mic, relative to the Speakers, and possibly reduce its sensitivity

  G3cko 20:35 16 Nov 2018

Since it's a headset moving the mic is quite difficult, and it makes the noise even when there are no other sounds.

  wee eddie 21:08 16 Nov 2018

The sound is frequently not audible to the human ear.

However there may be other causes. I'll leave that to others

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