Super fast Virgin Broadband but rubbish WiFi

  Wilko74 08:58 04 Oct 2018

I have a Virgin Media Superhub 3 that was installed last week and delivers the advertised speed of 300+mbs if wired by Ethernet cable. The problem however is that the WiFi performance is terrible (either producing less than 10mbs or dropping out completely in some rooms around the house). Virgin Media offered no help whatsoever saying that they can only guarantee broadband speeds into the router and not WiFi speed.

We are just about to get the upstairs of our 3 bedroom house re-wired and as part of this will install internet points in each bedroom, connected to the Virgin Media router via Ethernet cables.

I have 2 questions that I’m hoping someone can help me with.

  1. Is there a better way of projecting stronger Wifi around the house from the router?

  2. What should I plug into the internet points in the bedrooms to create a stronger WiFi signal in each room?

Another point that I may explore is changing the channel of the broadband but I’m not convinced that will help if the Virgin router is the problem.

Any thoughts and ideas massively appreciated.

  Govan1x 11:12 04 Oct 2018

Maybe try switching off the 5ghz connection and trying the 2.4 ghz on its own. Probably will not make much difference but i did read somewhere that the 2.4 ghz signal gets out further.

I can confirm that the Wifi signal is poor even in the same room as the Router.

Well that's the case in my home and in my Daughters home.

Connected to the ethernet cable I get the full connection, Connected to Wifi on the same computer I get half speed.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:23 04 Oct 2018

Another point that I may explore is changing the channel of the broadband...........

By default the so-called "Superhub" is supposed to automatically scan for and use the best wireless channel.

I agree that the wireless performance of those hubs is generally appalling.

Note that the 5Ghz band only works well when the device is close to the router and that could account for your performance issues. If you do have 5Ghz capable devices then it's possible to separate the Superhub's wireless into two discrete networks - one for 2.4Ghz and one for 5Ghz.

What should I plug into the internet points in the bedrooms to create a stronger WiFi signal in each room?

If all devices upstairs are going to be using WiFi then it sounds like a waste of time and money installing Ethernet connections in every room. You'd be better off with a couple of homeplugs with the wireless unit on the top floor.

  BT 12:01 04 Oct 2018

I have a Superhub 3 and supposedly 350mbs broadband (Free upgrade) but rarely get much more than 100mbs even with a wired connection. That said my wireless is fine all around my bungalow. My V6 box is connected by wireless as its in a different room to the router. I believe this connects via the 5ghz connection, and my 4K Smart TV also connects wirelessly with no problems.

You could of course get a separate more powerful Wireless router and just set the Superhub 3 to modem mode.

  difarn 17:41 04 Oct 2018

I agree with Secret-Squirrel about the Home Plugs but just to give yourself the flexibility you could think about buying ones that have both wifi and ethernet capabilities. My neighbour had a similar problem with his new Sky router until I suggested splitting the 5 and 2.4Ghz into two networks - he half followed the advice and disabled the 5Ghz and he now has acceptable wifi around his (old) house.

  Menzie 19:03 04 Oct 2018

If strong wi-fi around the entire house is a must and you're willing to pay a little bit of a price then a Mesh networking kit is the way to go.

It comes with a router and several devices that you place at points in the home similar to a network extender. However it all works together, less configuration is required and it provides faster, more stable wi-fi all round than an Access Point would.

Otherwise you could have an Ethernet port installed upstairs as you are planning to, and use an Access Point.

  Wilko74 21:39 05 Oct 2018

Thanks everyone, that’s really helpful and as I said in my original post....really appreciated.

The re-wiring takes place on Monday and I’ve already requested a double internet/Ethernet socket. I’m going to opt for a WAP in each of the two room (in addition to plugging in the PS4 / Xbox)so hopefully that will do it.

Thanks again guys. Have a good weekend.

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