Super DVD Creator 9.8

  Daisy22 12:45 12 Jun 2008

I've just bought this programme, which I found quite easy during the trial version, but although it is burning onto a DVD ok (an RW one) it is not in colour, but B&W.

I've tried changing some settings but nothing seems to alter it.

Any ideas please anyone?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:08 12 Jun 2008

make sure the setting is for PAL not NTSC (american)

  Daisy22 16:36 15 Jun 2008

I'm beginning to think I might have purchased a "dud" package. Has anyone used this programme before?

I changed the setting to PAL as suggested, it still isn't burning correctly to DVD.

I've contacted the support team but have not had any response to my emails.

Any suggestions please

  eedcam 16:40 15 Jun 2008

Well there are a lot better out there.What are you trying to burn from I mean the original source . Is it a home made movie etc ie camcorder and waht format is it in when you commit to burn

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