Supanet and Freeserve

  User-275D703E-9E45-4660-90C50AEC01271F1A 01:23 23 Aug 2003

I use supanet as my isp and have posted a site using my free web space on their server. Everybody can see my site except freeserve customers I intend to purchase a domain name and use web forwarding to the site. This would obviously not be a good move if 1/2 the world can't see the site.
If you use freeserve can you use the link to see the site? and or suggest a remedy?
click here

many thanks.

  Forum Editor 08:11 23 Aug 2003

why Freeserve users can't see your site - perhaps some of our forum members who are with Freeserve can try your link and report on the results.

Are you expecting much traffic anyway? The site is about an event that happened over a month ago. Incidentally, the images of the Queen and her court take a very long time to load - the reason being that the file sizes are far too large for the web. Some of them are also distorted, and I wonder if you have resized them without maintaining the aspect ratio? I suggest that you compress them a good deal more, and resize them in your image-manipulation program, making sure that you tick the button to 'maintain aspect ratio'. Decide on the image size in the application and set that before you create the JPEG. Whatever you do, don't click and resize the image in your web-design software.

  bowman 10:23 23 Aug 2003

Freeserve Anytime..........

No problem in seeing the site, but would go with FE in as much as the images are very slow to load.

Hope this helps.

F.E. and bowman thanks for your input you are right the queen and her court needs sorting. The festival is a yearly event and I am trying to help the committee out by running the site with regular updates. Not sure of the traffic hence the counter. this is my first attempt so read a lot on this forum, I knew I would get answers here.

  Forum Editor 23:53 23 Aug 2003

and don't be even slightly discouraged if you get fairly robust comments here. We're all in this together, and we've all learned web design the hard way - by making mistakes and having to work our way out of them. It's the best way to learn.

Web design isn't easy, although plenty of people think they can design good web sites when they can't. Not everyone is blessed with good design sense, it's a creative process and some do it better than others. That's life, but the truth is that you can learn much of what goes to make up a good web site by looking at what others do, and by picking up a little trick here and a tip there.

Please let us see your site as it develops - you've already made a good start, and I'm sure that you'll go on to make the site even better.

Many thanks for the encouragement you can be sure I will report back when the site is better!!
it's a big learning curve but a good tip I got off this forum is on a site you like or admire "right click and scroll down to view source" this will display the html code in wordpad. this way you can learn how something is done.

  Gaz 25 01:21 06 Sep 2003


I think, you could work on getting a more descreet counter and a guestbook, that is anything but bravenet.

Bravenet add for to many pop-ups to there stuff, I have used them in the past, they are known for spam too.

I would suggest resising the counter image, so it is almost imposible to see, but you can see the site stats.

Also the guestbook, why not have invision board, it is free software, and allows creation of a Forum. I think it is Free anyway.

  Gaz 25 03:18 06 Sep 2003

And, no idea why people cannot see your site on Free serve, becuase I use supanet. my sites work.

  Gaz 25 23:52 09 Sep 2003

And it looks like supanets personal webpages are down! Ouch.

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