bretsky 21:42 09 May 2005

Hi people, has anybody used this click here
the latest edition of pca raves about it and the test results seem quite impressive, price seems ok and have read the FAQ's, and yet nobody mentions it.

Please do not give me links to well known spyware/adware apps as I know most of them, being a regular visitor to this helproom-no offence intended!

bretsky ;0)

  Totally-braindead 22:22 09 May 2005

Theres been a few postings about this software already so people have mentioned it.

  bretsky 22:31 09 May 2005

Don't suppose you have a link for me please, as I have tried "Sunbelt counterspy" in the search which brings up nothing!

bretsky ;0)

  Number 7 23:03 09 May 2005

Seen this? click here

I was using MS Antispyware, but I got tired of it and NIS fighting each other at start-up.

So, I installed the trial version of CounterSpy, liked it, and bought it- no more fights at start-up.

CounterSpy is pretty much the new kid on the block, so we'll have to wait and see how it fares in the long run.

First impressions are good though.

  bretsky 23:14 09 May 2005

Thank you very much, just what I wanted to see, I have read some of the replies to your link and my mind is pretty well made up I will purchase this program very shortly!

Again many thanx!...................bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 17:10 10 May 2005

Just bought this program, pretty good, found just 2 spyware files, one from hotbar and the other from msgtag carrying 2 Trojan items-thanks chaps!

Anyway suppose I must feel quite proud only having 2 spyware detected on my system which took just over an hour to do a full system scan.

What do you do with Spywareblaster & spybot which I have on my system.....Keep them?

bretsky ;0)

  Curio 17:23 10 May 2005

Keep them and run them. They still can find stuff other progs miss.

  Ancient Learner 17:24 10 May 2005

It is said that it is best to keep them

  Teaboy 17:25 10 May 2005

bretsky.- yes keep all the protection you can find. I run the lot, including counter spy, which is fast becomming the no.1. I am using the others as a counter check against it.

Best wishes

  bretsky 17:45 10 May 2005

Ok, keep them I shall.

Thank you people for your quick response, as ever!


bretsky ;0)

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