Sun StarOffice 6.0

  Davepy 09:47 31 Jan 2003

Just received the latest issue of PC Advisor.
Under Best software for 2003, There is an writeup for Sun StarOffice 6.0 which states the price as £53 Boxed but if you download it is FREE.
I have just visited the website and see that to download it costs $79 which is about £53. So where does this free download come from? or am I doing something wrong? I am running OPEN OFFICE 1.01 which was free, took about 3 hours to download.

  Cordy13 10:03 31 Jan 2003

It WAS free, hasn't been for months.

  ardvarc 10:28 31 Jan 2003

Try this for special offer

click here

  Davepy 12:32 31 Jan 2003

Thanks folks, How does Star Office compare with Open Office? do you recon it is worth buying for £37?

  pj123 13:20 31 Jan 2003

see my previous posting re Star Office. I found star office 5.1 on PC Answers free disc no 80 dated May 2000.(complete and unrestricted) don't know about Open Office but Star Office is compatible with MS Office.

If you want a copy of the CD email me and I will post it to you by snail mail.


  TechMad 14:39 31 Jan 2003

OpenOffice is StarOffice, but with the closed source removed.

  TechMad 14:40 31 Jan 2003

So its essentially the closed source that you are paying for, but the £37 or £53 does include a fully printed manual, which OpenOffice doesn't come with.

  Davepy 15:06 31 Jan 2003

Have found disc 80, looks like we all read the same mags. Have loaded, and yes it does look very like Open office but a bit more complicated, so I shall probably carry on with Open Office it is compatible with MS Word and others which is all I'm worried about and save £37. It is curiosity all the time, thinking I might find something better. Thanks for all your input folks.

  Simsy 16:48 31 Jan 2003

that Star Office 6, unlike version 5, doesn't work via it's own version of the Windows desktop. Also with 6 you can choose which of the applications to install. With 5 it was all or nothing.

As usual I'm open to correction on this!



  kiter 18:28 31 Jan 2003

I purchased SO 6.0 from great value £35.02 incl. shipping
Yes it takes getting used to, but I think it's worth every penny - no regrets after 3 weeks - even ordered the companion for SO6 (almost 1000 pages that should tackle any problem)

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