Summary details are gone from all files.

  O9 07:34 30 Oct 2008

Right click on a file and get the context menu and go to properties, then click on the summary tab. In the summary tab it has fields that shows the details for the file ie. Artist, Album, Year, Track Number, Genre, Title etc. Well for some reason those are all gone from every single file. All the files still work and if I use my tag editor all the inputs are still there, but if I go to properties then summary all the fields that show the details are gone which means they don't show up in the folder details. What do I do?

  T I M B O 08:12 30 Oct 2008

When you right click then properties, there are 2 tabs, general & summary, click summary, look down to the bottom right and click the advanced button,

Hope thats what you need

  O9 08:18 30 Oct 2008

That is in advanced, let me also point out that I know a little more than the basics. It was fine before and when I turned it on this morning it was all messed up.

  T I M B O 08:22 30 Oct 2008

do you have the same music files backed up on another hard drive, and if so , does the same thing happen ??

  BurrWalnut 08:47 30 Oct 2008

I’m not certain as I don’t store music files but it could be the same registry key that determines what is displayed when the mouse pointer hovers over the file name, have a look at it:

Click Start > Run, type regedit, press Enter and navigate to registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\audio and in the right pane look at the contents of InfoTip.

  O9 01:48 31 Oct 2008

This is what shows up as the Infotip data: prop:Artist;Album;Year;Track;Duration;Type;Bitrate;Protected;Size

I don't know what that means though.

I found a picture of my problem. This is exactly what it looks like, here is the link: click here

None of their tips helped either though, but maybe the picture will give you an idea of my problem.

  O9 04:31 31 Oct 2008

Fixed the problem.

Clicked Start then Run and typed regsvr32 shmedia.dll.

Courtesy of: click here

Thanks for the help though.

  BurrWalnut 08:39 31 Oct 2008

I'm glad you sorted it out, thank you for the feedback.

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