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Suitable Linux Distro wanted for old Compaq laptop

  John Ramsden 13:58 10 Dec 2019

Hi techies – I have inherited my mothers laptop which is about 10 or 11 years old and I’d like to install Linux, as the installed Vista appears to have gone out of date so nothing works, not even t’internet.

I’m after a not-too- complicated Linux distro, one which might be suitable for an older PC. In the past I’ve dabbled with putting a distribution onto a CD or DVD and running it from that (not on this laptop) but I’d really like to overwrite whatever (Vista) is on there at the moment and have a dedicated linux laptop. Comprehensive instructions from the distributors would be really helpful.

Can anyone suggest a suitable version that would be compatible with the following hardware:

Intel Pentium dual CPU T3400 running at 2.16ghz, a 4 series mobile Express chipset with 2GB RAM. It’s a Compaq Presario CQ70 and has all the usual ports – Ethernet, USB and HDMI plus a SD card reader and a DVD drive.

My current laptop is capable of downloading the necessary software and burning it to disk or USB key. Thanks in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 10 Dec 2019

click here I would recommend Linux Mint

  csqwared 20:01 10 Dec 2019

I'd agree with *Fruit Bat /\0/* Linux Mint is probably your best bet. I think your CPU has 64 bit architecture so make sure you get the appropriate distro. Linux Mint

My personal preference would be the Cinnamon edition rather than Mate, I find the desktop a little easier.

Have a read of this Info and also perhaps this Installation.

There aren't, as far as I know, "comprehensive instructions" but once installed it just finds everything itself - no drivers etc. required (usually).

  John Ramsden 11:01 11 Dec 2019

Thanks guys - I will evaluate this distro and let you know. Almost sure I'm 32 bit but will obviously check before I install anything :) Cheers

  Aitchbee 13:10 11 Dec 2019

antiX 17.4.1 is one of the most usable lightweight distros designed for dated hardware. [from Oct 2019 LinuxFormat Magazine].

see h t t p s ://antixlinux . com

and isos from link below.

click here

  Aitchbee 13:21 11 Dec 2019

btw, I am only a dabbler like you John and have not actually installed the above but it might be worth a look.

ps. I've got a fairly newish W10 notebook which might work better with Linux.

  csqwared 15:58 11 Dec 2019

I've used Linux exclusively for a few years now and except for an issue with a new printer (USB through router rather than ethernet) had absolutely no problems. All the apps required for spreadsheets, docs, email, internet etc. comes preinstalled. Host of other software for graphics, sound etc. I've tried a few different distros but have always come back to Mint. You can even try it without installing, if you don't like, don't install.

  John Ramsden 12:51 17 Dec 2019

Thanks again folks and merry christmas

  John Ramsden 16:21 11 Feb 2020

Update for the record - I tried Mint Mate but the ISO failed to create a boot/install DVD so I actually ended up with Cinnamon which seems OK-ish. It took a while to reboot after the battery died but seems to have suffered no damage. Got a wireless mouse and wireless printer working on it too and it comes with "Office" so what's not to like. Thanks again folks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:41 11 Feb 2020

Thanks for the update glad its worked for you.

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