Suggestions for WIN98SE memory management?

  polymath 16:25 17 Apr 2006

There's never been a lot of free space in my C: partition, despite regular (ish!) thorough housekeeping sessions, after which there's usually 550 to 850mb free. The latest housekeeping got it up to just 450mb, and not long after that an 'out of space on drive C:' warning appeared. The only recent installation is Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 14, an upgrade from ver.11 - that was before the latest defrag. etc, and I haven't noticed any sign of ver.11 still being around on the hard disk.

I'm into the occasional high-qualty still image, but not into games, or music downloads (yet).

I've now deleted enough additional redundant files to make enough space to work in (330mb, currently), but wonder if anyone can suggest more measures (for instance, I understand I could specify a different partition for the Windows 98SE swap file, to get it off C:, but are there any downsides to this? And should I just carry on letting Windows manage it?

The hard disk is 8gb; 2gb for C:, 2 for D: & 4 for E:. At least, My Computer confirms that E: has 4gb capacity, but I've just noticed that Disk Space thinks E: is only 2gb (?). I have 448mb of RAM (in 3 cards, which have worked together well for years).

I've bought an external hard disk, in case of disk catastrophe mainly but, as it has many times more space than the internal disk, I expect I can use it to take some load off the internal one (I went for an external one because lightning damage is as likely here as disk failure). I haven't installed the external one yet though; mainly because I'd feel happier doing that kind of thing if there's no danger of crashing through running out of C: space! Ditto a CD/DVD writer I've bought (so I can't write to CD yet, just to floppies).

If anyone has any suggestions for someone who's too hard up (and stubborn!) to give in and buy a new computer, I'd be very grateful!

  woodchip 16:47 17 Apr 2006

What are you asking for memory management for? when it's your drive that's full. If you get a External USB drive you can put your photos on that as In do and all your Data. It will only work at USB 1.1 but at least it will work, and free up some drive space for you.

PS you can put the swap file on another Partition just using 98

  polymath 20:58 18 Apr 2006

Thanks woodchip - I will move the swap file to another partition. There's plenty of space on D: & E:, even if E: was only 2gb as Disk Space says. I'm sure, as is My Computer, that it's 4gb - perhaps I should check somewhere that the system knows it can use 4?)

I understand that I could also reintall some software to a partition other than C: (Photoshop would be a good candidate!)

Yes, I will be using the external disk for data, and also want to put an image of the whole internal disk on it (updated every so often), so I can carry on on another computer if/when the internal disk bites the dust. I'm not sure, off the top of my head, about the best partitioning (or lack of it) on the now disk, but have probably collected enough info & suggestions to answer all those questions (if not, I know where to come!)

Thanks again.

  woodchip 21:21 18 Apr 2006

To change the Partition, Hear how. I can tell you as I am on my Win98se comp at the moment, I could not yesterday as I was on XP Laptop.

Right Click "My Computer\Properties\Performace\Virtual Memory\Let me secify my own virtual memiry settings" you can then change the drive letter, put the tick back after if you want windows to manage Memory

  Wak 15:41 19 Apr 2006

Hi, You don't say what size the external H/D is but I gather it is larger than the internal one?
If this is so, then by installing a FREE program called XXCOPY (for Win 98SE) from click here you could CLONE the internal drive to the external drive.
You would then have a good back up (including O/S, registry, programs and data files) if the internal drive goes belly up.
Full instructions on the above web site.
I could be wrong here and am open to being corrected but when the original drive was installed, the installer would be asked the question "Do you want a small or a large format" (or something similar). If you select "small" then the drive is chopped up into 2 GB partitions. If you select "Large" then you just get one single 8GB partition.
If this is correct, then once you have the internal drive cloned on to the external drive you would then be able to reformat the internal drive to a full 8GB on a single partition which would give you all the free space on the drive in the one partition.
As I said, I am open to correction on the above but it may point you in another direction when contemplating extra free working space.

  polymath 18:30 19 Apr 2006

Sorry Woodchip - I've just noticed the typo. I asked a question I didn't intend but had forgotten about! I meant partitions on the 'new' disk, not 'now' disk.

Thanks for the pointer to moving the virtual memory on the 'now' disk. I've just tried moving it from C: to D:, but then when I put the tick back for Windows to manage memory, it goes back to C:. Does it mean Windows can only manage it on C:? If so, maybe it's best to leave it and just move other stuff off C?

Thanks for all that very useful advice, Wak. I'll add it to the info I've collected, and should have plenty now. I might not be able to do the job for a while (holiday soon), but will report back on how it goes.
The internal disk is 8gb, in partitions of 2gb (C:), 2gb (D:) & 4gb (E:). (though Drive Space seems to think E: is only 2mb.
The external disk is 160 gb - I believe Win98SE can't use all of that space, but I have a note somewhere of how much it can use, and that's still many times the 8gb.

  woodchip 20:49 19 Apr 2006

It will not let you put it on a External disc. It will only work on another partition on the original drive or another IDE set as Slave

  polymath 18:07 22 Apr 2006

If you mean the virtual memory, Woodchip, that's what I was trying to do - moving it from the C: to the D: partition of the same physical disk. Maybe there's some changeable setting that's blocking that move? If not, it's no great shakes, as there are probably enough other things I can move.
Thanks, and I'll let youse know how it goes.

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