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Suggestions and questions on laptop backup

  john bunyan 17:22 01 Aug 2019

I have been updating a number of laptops for myself and relatives recently. In the past, for laptops and desktops I use Freefilesynch to make frequent backups of data to one or more usb HD’s, and approx weekly Macrium Reflect images, also to usb HD’s. Newer laptops have micro or normal SD card slots and I have installed 128 gig ones and use them to backup files using windows backup via Settings. Data is typically only about 80 - 100 gig.

For my own laptop I am thinking of buying a 256gig Micro SD card ( about £30- £40) and using that not only for data but also for one or two Macrium images( about 70 gig each when compressed)

For travel it seems a good idea? I will continue with usb too. Any suggestions! Are these SD cards reliable? It seems a very reasonable solution

  john bunyan 22:14 01 Aug 2019

No interest so will Green tick

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:26 01 Aug 2019

never liked SD cards or mem sticks for backing up to, much prefer a proper HDD.

  john bunyan 00:23 02 Aug 2019


Thanks. Won’t totally rely on them. Will continue with HD. Just looking at a mini SD card it’s amazing that it can hold 250 gig!

  [DELETED] 04:16 02 Aug 2019

"I am thinking of buying a 256gig Micro SD card ( about £30- £40)"

You could buy a 256GB SSD and a SATA-3 to USB3 adapter for the same money and get 400MB/s and better reliability.

  john bunyan 08:11 02 Aug 2019

Flat Earther

Thanks. I looked at SSD usb and don’t exclude them but they were about £80 - £120. I have adapter but would be grateful for a link to the low price SSD’s

  wee eddie 08:45 02 Aug 2019

If you are travelling and wish to protect your laptop's information against theft, loss, or damage. Then a Micro SD Card, kept in your back pocket, would be ideal.

In the long term, a Micro SD Card, might not be the safest form of Backup, but, as part of a 3 Tier System, it's probably as good as any.

After all, the likelihood of your Laptop going AWOL, and all 3 Backups becoming unavailable at the same time, is slim.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:26 02 Aug 2019

I am thinking of buying a 256gig Micro SD card................not only for data but also for one or two Macrium images

In principle that sounds like a good idea.

SD cards from reputable manufacturers are actually very reliable with high endurance. Laptops with eMMC storage (32GB & 64GB) have nothing more than an SD card soldered to the motherboard. The life span of an SD card in a dashcam will be shorter because those devices are usually constantly recording.

However, if you need to recover your unbootable system from a Macrium image, will the recovery program recognise the SD card slot? You'll need to do a partial dummy-run to check.

  john bunyan 12:11 02 Aug 2019

*Secret-Squirrel *

And others. Thanks for comments. The latest laptops I am looking at have SSD card slots and appear in File explorer as “E” drive , looking just like a built in one. (D) is a recovery partition on main drive)

I will only buy from reputable suppliers and will “ tell” Windows backups to continue to use them. On a 250 gig SSD that will use less than 100 gig, leaving room for a couple of full Macrium images. I will also carry on with backups and images to usb HD’s as usual. Belt and braces, maybe but so often we get people on here bemoaning the loss of data from a failed or corrupt drive. A motherboard failure is the worst, as I have discovered.

  [DELETED] 13:23 02 Aug 2019

You're probably looking at an external SSD for £100, but there is no need, just get an internal SSD 256GB = £25 and the SATA to USB lead £5

ebuyer, SSD 240GB - 256GB there is 8 under £30

  john bunyan 13:41 02 Aug 2019

*Flat Earther *

Thanks; don’t use e bay much; are these OK ?

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