Suggestions for PSU rating

  terryf 09:32 23 Nov 2006

I am considering a PC with the following components - GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3 775 Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, Gigabyte GV76G256D-RH (Geforce 7600GS) graphics card, DVD burner, DVD Rom and 2 hard drives. I am not sure what the rating (wattage) of the PSU should be, any suggestions please as I don't want problems in the future caused by the PSU 'running out of steam' but at the same time don't want to over-specify the PSU. The mobo manual says 350w minimum, graphics manual doesn't give anything except min PSU 300w but I have no experience of the combined system component requirements.

  Technotiger 09:34 23 Nov 2006

Hi, I would recommend 500w.


  vinnyT 11:05 23 Nov 2006

Take a look at the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator page, just input the specs of your pc (you can play around with increasing the specs to see what diff it makes to have, say, 3 hard disks and a better spec video card), to find out what size psu is needed.

click here

Whatever is recommened, make sure that you buy a good make, ie Tagan, Enermax, or Seasonic (the latter often gets the best reviews).

Hope this helps.

  terryf 13:40 23 Nov 2006

Thanks vinnyT, I will look as soon as I get a round tuit

  vinnyT 13:57 23 Nov 2006


  Pamy 14:07 23 Nov 2006

you cant beat a good big one in your price range

  Totally-braindead 15:18 23 Nov 2006

Theres no harm going for a larger rated one than you need. Get a good make one as has been suggested and also get a modular one, then you can disconnect any leads you don't use, makes it easier to fit and helps with the airflow for cooling. 450 watt absolute minimum would be my suggestion but I think you would be better with at least a 500 watt one as Technotiger has suggested.

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