Suggestions for a Large Screen Windows Tablet.

  morddwyd 11:06 13 Feb 2018

Any suggestions for a large screen Windows tablet (bigger than 13 inches)?

I only seem to be able to find smaller ones.

A Windows version of the Galaxy View would be ideal!

  morddwyd 09:19 16 Feb 2018


  difarn 10:14 16 Feb 2018

You have probably answered your question - I don't think there is one. There are 2-in-one laptops that may fit the bill. Some examples are..

click here

  chub_tor 12:34 16 Feb 2018

I bought a Microsoft Surface 4 about 18 months ago, it has a 12" screen and an optional detachable keyboard. I looked at the flip over screen 2 in ones but found them too heavy. And weight would be my worry with a 14" tablet. Love my Surface Pro 4 but they are not cheap.

  morddwyd 13:50 16 Feb 2018

Thanks both.

I've looked at 2 in 1s but the trouble is they all have functions in the keyboard which are needed e.g. usb or SD card slots'

Weight is not a vital factor, mos of my computing is now done at ease, in a recliner or in bed!

I have a Surface Book but was looking for something a bit bigger

  difarn 17:46 16 Feb 2018

Have you seen the XPS 13 inch 2-in-1 from Dell? It has 2 usb ports and a micro sd slot.

click here

  wee eddie 17:58 16 Feb 2018

You could buy an AIO and remove the stand

  morddwyd 19:35 16 Feb 2018


  john bunyan 20:10 16 Feb 2018


See above

  wee eddie 20:13 16 Feb 2018

All in one

  morddwyd 10:46 17 Feb 2018

Thanks. I'll give it a look.

Hopefully it's not still running Windows 8!

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