Suggestions for free Partition Manager

  john bunyan 18:09 31 Mar 2018

I have used EasUS Partition up to now; Some her have recommended MiniTool. I looked at this old thread about a free MiniTools trial, which did not shine a good light on them.


I will want to do some partitioning next week ,including, maybe moving the recovery partition so would be grateful for comments on these two in particular

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 31 Mar 2018

I have had no problems using Easus partition manager v11.10 now I think.

  john bunyan 18:49 31 Mar 2018


Thanks, I will use it as I have , rarely, in the past. MiniTools looks similar but unless there is a strong reason to prefer it I’ll stay with EAsUs

  rdave13 19:11 31 Mar 2018

Oops JB. Never read the beta thread on MiniTools ShadowMaker. A bit shoddy of them to say the least. I've used their partition manager for years with no problems at all but in the light of what I read will certainly not recommend the company again. So apologies for that. I've also played around with AOMEI Partition Assistant but as *Fruit Bat /\0/* also has had no problems with Easus you might as well use that. Once again my apologies.

  john bunyan 19:31 31 Mar 2018


No problems at all; I am a bit inexperienced in partitioning, so will make an image first before doing it, in the assumption that if it goes wrong I could use the image to revert - or would a clone be better? I think on the new drive concerned there will be a "EFI System Partition" on the left, then the C Primary partition that I want to shrink from 500 to 200,gig, using the 300 as the data D drive, but am concerned as to how to deal with the existing right hand 450 mb recovery partition that I would ideally like to keep on the right of the shrunk C Partition but to the left of the new D partition. Any views on this would be welcome. Thanks for replying and continue to have a good Easter!

  LastChip 22:52 31 Mar 2018

If you're doubtful about your present partitioner, try GParted - excellent.

  rdave13 15:35 01 Apr 2018

Why have the 450 mb recovery partition between C and D partitions? That's a Windows partition. As you will have a Dell machine check disk management, or your preferred partition manager would be better, to see if there is a Dell hidden recovery partition. That could be as large as 20GB. Once I created an image on my HP laptops I deleted the manufacturer's recovery partition to create an unallocated space. Then used my partition manager to expand the C drive and ended with this,

MiniTool partition manager shows this,

Gained a few GBs on the C drive. Now it will be only a matter of shrinking the C drive and creating a partition (D) in the unallocated space to the right of the C partition.

Note the Windows recovery partition has grown to 918 MB on my machine. Can't remember if a 'Refresh' did this or not.

  john bunyan 15:49 01 Apr 2018


Thanks; on your screenshot, the 400Mb Recovery partition is on the left., then your 250Mb EFi one, then the C Drive. Could not see your D Drive, if any.That would be fine; yet to see the Dell layout but my SSD is as shown earlier only has 2 unlabelled partitions, not the 3 you have. so will wait and see how it looks, probably on Tuesday so maybe will ask again then. I will make a Macrium image and recovery USB before doing anything in case I make a mistake!

  john bunyan 16:17 01 Apr 2018

PS Have old version of EasUS partition Master on desktop. Tried to update it to latest version but Malawarebytes Premium blocked it as PUP. Optimal/InstallCore . Will try GParted or MiniTools! on Tuesday.

  rdave13 16:27 01 Apr 2018

john bunyan

There are two recovery partitions (Windows). If you right click the Minitool image and select 'open image in a new tab' you'll see it better.

I removed the HP recovery partition and expanded the C drive using its space (unallocated) and gained a few GBs. It was on the extreme right but is now part of the C drive. I don't need to shrink the C drive to create a D drive for data as I have no use for it. Macrium made that redundant for me as images don't take long to create.

  rdave13 16:37 01 Apr 2018

Uninstall Easus and try this link.

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