A suggestion for PCA

  Fateful Shadow 19:28 27 Sep 2003

Just think out loud, but I've just been looking around some of the posts, and something came to me...

A lot of people who use the site (I'm not being rude lol) don't use the search feature at the top of the page to start looking for help. I know this because a lot of my friends do the same, and also, many of the same questions come up, e.g. the "Messenger pop-ups."

Does anybody else think it would be a good idea if they created a page that had the most frequently asked questions?

I know that some of you may reply saying "Well, if they're not going to search first, they won't go straight to an FAQ page!" but it was just a thought :)

  goonerbill 19:48 27 Sep 2003

good idea but it takes up web space plus ya said yaself, if they dont use the search facility, thay aint going to look at a FAQ page either.

personnally its down to what mood i'm in whether i post a responce to someone who is to lazy to search these pages or even the net before asking questions in this forum ie: whats the best graphics card or does my motherboard support this etc.

p.s. think someone suggest this a couple of months ago

p.p.s. i enjoy looking at this forum and trying to help others before someone thinks i'm a killjoy.

  Taw 20:19 27 Sep 2003

Just to note sometimes people are not to savvy with the site cos there new or are not to knowledgable which is why they post there question. So while you may feel there question has been answered, rather than leave them in limbo its worthwhile to direct them to the search.

  Stuartli 20:20 27 Sep 2003

The one that pops up the most, or so it seems, is about sound output going missing.....

But there is a new line in one thread over the last couple of days - "Do I need to buy a webcam?"...:-)

  expertec 20:52 27 Sep 2003

the search often has no results even when i know the thread title i'm looking for :-(

  greenlamp 23:54 27 Sep 2003

I'll second expertec's response

  Gaz 25 00:29 28 Sep 2003

I have searched many a time, but it doesnt come up with anything most of the time.

I agree with the two above posts. I dont think it keeps a record of a lot of posts.


  Djohn 00:36 28 Sep 2003

When using the search facility, try using the same word in both boxes, and instead of using "And" in the centre box, Use the word "Or".

I have found this to be more successful in all searches. J.

  wildrover 00:52 28 Sep 2003

I think the search is poor. Too complex, too many options, too many chances to miss the thread you need!

  Forum Editor 01:04 28 Sep 2003

with running a FAQ page is that the FAQ's are changing all the time. Six months ago we had virtually no questions about wireless networking - now it crops up on a daily basis. That means that a FAQ page would need constant updates, and we just do not have the resources to do it.

Added to which, we believe that forum users appeciate a personal and up to the minute solution to a problem - there's nothing to beat your own thread, with your own specific responses. We've operated in this way since the beginning, and this suggestion has been made many times, but at the moment we have no plans to change the way the forum works.

  powerless 01:07 28 Sep 2003

"That means that a FAQ page would need constant updates, and we just do not have the resources to do it."

"We" could do it.

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