suggest wich laptop to buy

  dovee 11:27 06 Sep 2006

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i need for internet, video, movies, music, good sound, good view-as ordinary user ;) do my chosen laptops have dedicated graphics? and 1,66 mhz processor is not to slow?

thanks ;)

  sean-278262 21:42 06 Sep 2006

All have dedicated graphics.

The last one at currys is the best one but the first and cheaper one will do you fine. Overall unless you play games it would suit you better. If hard drive is lacking on it you can get a 320gb for under £100 and 80gb ones for about £50. 120gb would be about 65 so it makes sense if you dont really need oodles of power to get the first one. If you have money to burn the last one is by far the most powerful but the first would be best for the jobs you describe.

  dovee 22:24 06 Sep 2006

thanks ;) nice answer. Money is not the case, but actually next year I am going to buy laptop as well (just waiting sony to put tv turner in 15"4 inch laptop ;) so maybe you are right and asus will suite as well , just I have never seen asus laptop and dont know its vga quality.. I know that sony has really good vga.. but maybe asus is not bad as well. I am not going to play games or create films- the only thing I need is internet, and of course movies and music ;) nice sound and view ;)

i want get a laptop : value form price and quality ;)

  sean-278262 23:44 06 Sep 2006

If you want a TV tuner an external option would be better that does the encoding for you. Most internal ones use the processor to do the encoding and therefore make the system useless for anything else but watching or recording the video. There are many devices that will record the video without wasting processor power and take it from me it is a pain to use a laptop that runs so slow while encoding.

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