Suggest a £400 laptop please? i have links. cheers

  A.VV.0.L. 23:29 24 Nov 2016

Hi guys,

I would say PC World/Currys, here in UK, has coined a good term for the type of comp im looking for....

*An Everyday laptop but with some gaming possibility (lowest end, all settings low-ish). * Black Friday sales obviously hot right now... so the pressures on, ha!

MY CURRENT LAPTOP: HP A8-4500M, 4GB RAM, Radeon HD 7640G (shared right?), Win 8.1 64bit. Its been impressive considering its specs and what it could 'really' run..and its still going quite well after 4years (travelled to 10 plus countries with it, incl minor drops, but one bad whack, where it flew off my motorcycle in Asia). The fan is now bit noisy and i keep banging my head against wall to figure out if its software or hardware damage (fan/processor/ram i can hear 'bits' moving around, ha!). HDD weirdly stuck at 100% usage sometimes too, which im sure is connected also. SO... fixing my HP may be too costly... hence, why im here looking for a new mean machine!

I just like to play some of the older retro games, like maybe vice city or gta 4/5... but online, FPS like CS, DOD, BF1942, BF2, War Thunder.... managed to play Sniper Elite III surprisingly, and one of the older crysis games! BF3+ too laggy (maybe due to my lack of ram tho). *and multimedia... tv/movies (download).. but i dont stream so much.*

Budget £430. AMD or INTEL, dont mind... but im still learning about 7thGen vs older ones, cache, ddr3 vs ddr4 and if standard intel hd graphics are good enough. Graphics: low/entry level or shared. brand: any, but Lenovo stands out with IPS screens, secondly HP better battery life. weight: 2-2.1kg screen size 15-16" IPS Full HD preferred, or HD gloss at least. RAM 4-8GB. (i could always upgrade if only 4gb). Cache: 2/3 MB battery life 6-8 hours.. and removable ideally. HDD, optical drive, fashion, not so important to me.

basic video editing too.

hmm ideally i would prefer to see the laptop before buying, but i could be persuaded if good reviews etc.

PC WORLD links:

Im curious how the A8 listed here compares to my current A8... hmm click here w Nvidia chip and 2 others... (no idea if that chip is good yet.. ill check tomorrow.) click here this link directly compares them: click here the Grand mix of HP, Len and Dell... im still processing this list! click here any help i can get. Cheers!

Lenovo or



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