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suggest laptop for physical issues

  nobbyhigo 16:49 28 May 2019

i need a laptop that is not heavy with a matt finish screen and around 15" running windows 7 .As you see doesnt have to be new or fast ,just browsing really Thanks Charles

  lotvic 20:28 29 May 2019

I get most of my stuff from morgancomputers UK, they've got a selection that may interest you click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:48 29 May 2019

Why win 7? not supported

Got a refurbished HP elitebook 820 from itzoo nice and light

they sell allsorts

  nobbyhigo 08:04 30 May 2019

thank you for the suggestions i will have a look win7 , simple I would rather use xp or vista ,10 is just trouble to me eg updates thanks charles

  Secret-Squirrel 08:52 30 May 2019

............I would rather use xp or vista ..............

The problem there is that those ancient operating systems haven't had any Windows updates for years so they're more vulnerable to infections. Also, because they're so old, you won't find any up-to-date web browsers or software available and you'll be lucky to find any new printers etc that work. Some anti-virus providers do still cater for XP/Vista users though.

Windows updates for Windows 7 ends in January so it's only a matter of time before the same happens to that operating system too.

If you plan on keeping your laptop for more than three years or so then you really should buy one with Windows 10.

  nobbyhigo 09:28 30 May 2019

Understood thanks

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