sugestions for advertising computer callout?

  Xevious 17:06 20 May 2003

can anyone suggest where I can place advertisements for my computer callout business I have just started?

I am in the yellow pages and, but would like to spread my wings a bit more than just that and would like hints on what you guys out there look at when looking for support companies...etc

(I offer callout, so evenings and weekends is the stronger points as no hastle with taking off work to take that pc in to a shop...etc)

any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

  MartinT-B 17:38 20 May 2003

A friend in Oakham just flyered locally. From that he got a couple of jobs doing minor fixes, then a better one teaching the local silver surfers how to use their PCs.

Word of mouth later and he's very happy as one of the local PC hardware fixers.

Oakham is a small town where personal recommendation counts a great deal. In addition, he undercuts - all he wants is an easy, comfortable living, not a Porsche 911.

  graham√ 17:47 20 May 2003

Local free newspapers are good. If you have one shoved through your letterbox by a truant in baggy jeans, try that.

  -pops- 18:09 20 May 2003

Many shops, from large supermarkets to corner shops, have advertisement boards where for a small fee you can place a card advertising anything you want (almost). It's cheap and reaches a large readership.


  leo49 18:13 20 May 2003

As pops says,they're easy to overlook but I've had surprisingly good results from cards in newsagents/sub-postoffices in my local area. And then word of mouth gains momentum.


  _Treb_ 18:33 20 May 2003

I hope we all get a cut if we solve any of your faults. Lol.

  Xevious 08:17 21 May 2003

_Treb_ LOL, no worries, but i'll need to be able to afford your guys first!

thanks everyone for your advice, i think my next step must definitely be the card on billboards in shop...etc, sound spretty sound to me!

word of mouth certainly is the most powerful form of advertising, but i need a solid customer base first!!!
(what came 1st, the chicken or the egg...)

thanks again all

  -pops- 08:35 21 May 2003

On the cards in shops idea, a friend of mine retired early and set himself up as a "garden designer". This wasn't anything like Llewelyn-Bowen/Diarmuid Gavin as it sounds, he just wanted to go around the neighbourhood doing general garden maintenance with any design work being an interesting extra.

This guy now has more work than he can cope with and has taken on extra help. OK, he doesn't earn a fortune but plenty to get by on. Most important, though, is that he's happy and he's fit. He doesn't now slog up to London every day on an overcrowded train only to be bored to tears doing mundane office work.

All this was created from a card in the corner shop at a cost of 20 pence a week, one each in the Co-op and Tesco at slightly higher cost and one in Somerfield's for free.

The best of luck Xevious!!


  Xevious 08:41 21 May 2003

thanks for that, it sure is reassuring to see these success stories.

i'm being realistic, and these things do take time, but lots of hard work is required. i think this shop advertising will definitely be on top of my list, i think i'll get to it today!

thanks for your invaluable help, let's hope it goes well!!!


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