suddenly unable to hard wire to internet

  jackdouglas7 00:26 02 Oct 2013

Ive a 3 year old acer that is hard wired into a sky router. Yesterday I logged on but was unable to connect to internet. All wireless PC etc in house work fine.I hard wired a different PC and that worked so it appears to be my PC. It wont even connect with a belkin usb wireless. Its still on windows 7. Any advice ??

  Secret-Squirrel 09:39 02 Oct 2013

"Yesterday I logged on but was unable to connect to internet."

In that case it's likely to be easier and quicker all round if you do a System Restore to the day before yesterday or so. Here's how if you're unfamiliar with it.

  northumbria61 09:48 02 Oct 2013

Sometimes a simple restart of your PC or Router will do the trick.

  alanrwood 09:59 02 Oct 2013

If the above don't work then unless the cable is faulty I would check the NIC Adaptor settings first (Compare them with the one that works). Can you access any other computer on the home network. If not then maybe the network hardware has packed up. Try fitting a new Network Card, they only cost around £10.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:15 02 Oct 2013

Alan, I doubt it's a hardware problem as the OP can't connect with a USB WiFi adapter either. Sounds like a Windows problem to me and a System Restore should help. If not then the System Restore can be reversed.

  alanrwood 20:03 02 Oct 2013


Sorry I didn't take that in.

  jackdouglas7 19:45 07 Oct 2013

All sorted now Many thanks

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