Suddenly two kinds of dubious email attachments

  marston 18:56 21 Sep 2003

In the last couple of days I have suddenly started to get a flood (~20) emails all with attachments but of two distinct types.
The first lot all purport to come from Microsoft.Each is worded slightly differently but are all along the lines of 'Latest/Critical/Internet/Security/Update /patch/pack'.
The second lot,again all slightly different,but all along the lines 'Net/Email/Services/storage /Security' and refer to 'undelivered message/return to sender/failure letter/bug report'.
I am of course deeply suspicious of this sudden dual onslaught and have not touched the attachments.
Equally I am very anxious about what is going on and would like to ask you more knowledgeable folk out there to explain it to me.Help please.

  Valvegrid 19:06 21 Sep 2003

You should be suspicious, delete 'em they contain virus.

There's quite a few threads running were people have opened them.


  alan 2273 19:08 21 Sep 2003

These are all viruses, just delete them,I too have had these E-Mails. Microsoft do not send E-Mails with attachments. Also watch out for one from PCillin this is another virus

  JOMBA 19:53 21 Sep 2003

please and please any e-mail that u r not sure off delete and do not open that is the safest way of going with this problem!

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