Suddenly No speed

  ened 18:24 07 Oct 2008

We are with AOL and I have spent two hours trying to sort this out.

Suddenly this afternoon the speed dropped from 5-6meg to 0.1 meg and is now 50kbps.

For once I managed to get an eloquent tech support person who understood me and I could understand him.

He changed various settings on the router (which apparently is necessary since AOL have changed systems) but still the speed is slow. So slow that I am not sure this page will reload.

Has anybody else experienced this and how was it resolved?

I have checked my machine and the chap said the signal was showing 6meg from their end. My wife's wireless laptop shows the same slow speed so it is not my computer at fault.

Could it be the router?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:27 07 Oct 2008

or line problem

try another filter first
try connecting to the master socket and not via an extension.

  ened 18:37 07 Oct 2008

I have plenty of spare filters and have tried two of them.

The router is on the master socket and AOL tested the line so the only thing left is the router but I don't have another immediately to hand.

The helpful guy from AOL said that I could talk to Level 2 support but I just didn't have time.

The speed has now crept back up to 107kpbs.

If the router was faulty it wouldn't be fluctuating would it?

If it is not resolved by tomorrow I shall have to find the time to talk to thier Level 2 but I don't know what they can do that hasn't already been done.

  ened 18:51 07 Oct 2008

It is now showing 48kbps and I am signing off.

I will be back tomorrow (if I can} to see if anybody has any other suggestions.

Hopefully the speed will be restored by external forces!!!

  mfletch 19:00 07 Oct 2008

You may not be on your own with this problem,

There is someone else on another forum with the same problem,

I would just wait and see what tomorrow is like


  realist 19:52 07 Oct 2008

I'm in tha same boat with this.
I had a download speed which could only register in bps this evening!
I've emailed AOL to get them to confirm the service I am paying for (up to 8Megs), as I don't ever remember getting more than 500Kbps and BT checked my line was good for up to 5Megs when they installed a prefiltered socket.

  mrwoowoo 19:55 07 Oct 2008

The same here.
With AOL on 2meg and have been getting around 250kbs for the last 2 days.
May try live help and ask if they have changed systems and what effect it is having.

  jack 20:07 07 Oct 2008

Your locale, The loading on your LLU, Time of day
much more than the ISP and your computer.
If you live some distance from an exchange- and this may not be a crow flies- the circuit can loop away and pick you up on the way back.
If you live in an area with many businesses
You will get the variation,

  RobCharles1981 22:55 07 Oct 2008


What router do you have??

Your Full line stats might prove useful

  provider 2 23:07 07 Oct 2008

Probably a bit irritating to hear but I`ve seen no decrease in speed at all over the past two days ... only on a 2.0 Mbps connection though.

Fingers crossed we don`t get chopped as well.

  ened 08:30 08 Oct 2008

I spent a frustrating hour with live help before I telephoned. I was unceremoniously disconnected both times and achieved nothing.

If you do seek help it would be interesting to hear what they say because he had me change the settings in the router and I am not sure I wanted to do that.

The speed is up to 1meg this morning.

I had to change the way the router connects and even the password.

It made no difference last night but it is slightly quicker this morning - although that might be due to less traffic.

I am in the process of selling my business and moving house and really don't have time for this.

I am out all morning and will check back at lunchtime, but I really do not want to have to make another long call to Level 2 tech. support if I can help it and might just accept this until we move.

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