Suddenly cant detect CD's in drives

  Guitareth 11:59 19 Jan 2004

My Windows 2000 PC has suddenly stopped detecting CD's in either the CD/DVD-ROM drive or the CDRW drive. Both drives are showing up fine in device manager - and both show "this device is working properly". However, whenever I put a CD in either drive it says "please insert a CD in the drive".

Have rebooted the PC a few times but to no avail. Also, it was working fine yesterday and I have not installed or upgraded anything at all on my system since then. Have serached this forum but found no suitable fixes so far.

Incidentally, exact same issue occurred out of the blue with my Windows XP machine a couple of months ago, and I fould only way to read CD's was to make sure they were inserted when I started up the PC. Oddly enough, on the XP machine it has just cured itself of late! As this has now happened to me on 2 different PC's with different operating systems I assumed it must be a common problem with a simple solution - but from searches on here and google I cant find the solution yet :¬(

  Kate B 12:12 19 Jan 2004

hmm, I've had that problem too - most recently with iTunes for Windows. I've found that firing up Soundstream kicks iTunes into life and sends it off to the CDDB looking for track names but if anyone has a less clunky solution I'd appreciate it.

  recap 12:15 19 Jan 2004

If you have installed software and this has started to happen after the install, remove the software to see if it resovles the issue.

  Djohn 12:44 19 Jan 2004

Right click on each drive, choose properties and re-install the driver from there. Windows will come back with the message that the best driver is already in use. This seems to re-associate the drives again and should work. j.

  Guitareth 13:13 19 Jan 2004

Tried your suggestion Djohn but afraid it's made no differenece. And "recap" as I said in my post I have not installed any new software. Any other suggestions?

  Murray 13:39 19 Jan 2004

is it possible that windows has got confused and thinks that your CD drives are non-removable drives. I'm not sure how to check, but I remember a similar thing happening with a floppy drive a long time ago

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