Suddenly cannot print anything

  splinternet 16:48 19 Jul 2003

Have a WinXP system with a Xerox XK50 printer. Everything has worked well for 6 months. Now, suddenly, I cannot print, not even a test page. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. XP recognises new hardware after I uninstall, and the reinstall process goes smoothly; the printer appears in Control Panel\Printers as the default printer and is shown as 'ready'. The outfit I bought the pc from tell me I must re-initialise from the recovery cd. Surely not! This seems a bit drastic, and will cause a lot of re-installing appns. and data. Can anyone suggest anything?

  graham√ 17:37 19 Jul 2003

System Recovery shouldn't be an option just yet! Did the printer come with the PC? If so, it's the 'outfit's pigeon.

In the meantime, check that power is getting to the printer. Does it have external controls to initiate a test page?

  MjM Hellfire 17:52 19 Jul 2003

Try right clicking on the printer icon/properties/ports and look to see if it's connected via the correct port...USB/Parallel/com1 ect. Mine shows it's USB connected and the default tick is showing, using XP Pro.

Maybe you have a corrupt driver in your printer port, have you tried other ports, if avaliable?

Have you got a spare cable or a cable tester?

  Stuartli 18:43 19 Jul 2003

Has the printer's settings been set to Pause (printing)?

It's easily done.

  splinternet 22:12 19 Jul 2003

I bought the printer separately. Power is getting to the printer ok. Right clicking the printer icon shows it is connected via USB, have also tried the LPT1 parallel connection to no avail. An option with the Xerox print driver installation is to refresh the printer's firmware, which I can see is happening via the printer's console, so there is communication. I have also tried my HP Deskjet, and again, nothing. With both printers, the printer shows up in Control Panel\Printers as 'ready' and 'online'. I noticed MS Excel comes up immediately with an error msg, whereas Word doesn't (the doc seems to have been spooled ok) but print jobs don't show up when opening the printer icons.

  graham√ 10:00 20 Jul 2003

It does sound like a fault with the printer, then. An internal fuse, perhaps. If still under warranty, can you take it back for them to test?

Even though your PC is 'seeing' the printer, this is not an indication it is working correctly.

  splinternet 10:05 20 Jul 2003

Graham - but both printers?

  splinternet 10:18 20 Jul 2003

.......also, when printing in, say,MS Word, even if there was a fault with the printer (e.g. if it was powered off), the print job would show up in the print queue. It doesn't. I wonder if there is some generic XP print spooling that is not working. Can I test out the printer from a DOS command prompt?

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