Suddenly boot-up is taking 10 minutes !

  John Crowter 22:57 26 Apr 2005

This morning when I booted up Windows XP Pro on my dual OS PC instead of the usual 2 minutes it took almost 10! It gets to the XP Logo window with the little train of dots running across the bottom, but the dots are now continually stopping and starting. When it eventually was running I tried again with same result. Itried the other OS, XP Home,and there was no problem.

I then tried it a couple of more times and as the problem continued I did a System Restore to the middle of last week, when all was running OK. Still it was taking almost 10 minutes.

Lastly I tried an Acronis True Image restoration of my C drive as it was a whole month ago. But still my problem persists.

Anyone got any clues please ?

  BurrWalnut 08:07 27 Apr 2005

Have a look at Event Viewer in both OSs, there might be a clue there.

Or you've 'caught' something.

  John Crowter 09:13 27 Apr 2005

Thanks BW,

Firstly I must say that the PC has booted OK this morning.

Event Viewer (which I was unaware of, being a novice!) is showing the following error for each boot yesterday:

"The device, \Device\Scsi\aec6710D1, did not respond within the timeout period."

Just before the first "bad" boot I had been using an Acer Film Scanner which plugs into an Scsi PCI Card. Presumably there is some link here.

I will be back for further help if the problem crops up again.

Thanks again, JC

  Tinkey Winkey 19:51 27 Apr 2005

John Crowter

I have a 2 minute boot-up on a new build.

Please can you tell me how I can access the Event Viewer ?

Did you resolve the problem ?

  woodchip 20:09 27 Apr 2005

This is normaly driver problem, or too many progras starting at boot. both can be got at from Start Run type MSCONFIG startup tab

  Furthark 20:37 27 Apr 2005

Or Control panel, Administration tools, Event viewer

  John Crowter 14:50 28 Apr 2005

Thursday, and once again I have booted without problem, so presumably the problem has just gone away.

Or, perhaps more likely, it has crawled back into the woodwork, ready to pop out again at a most inappropriate moment ! :)

Anyway, looking at the Event Viewer might help with another problem I have in that once every three or four weeks Windows XP Pro will not start because of a missing or corrupt registry file.

I think I best start a new thread with this one when I have a moment or two.

Thanks again for all replies.


  TomJerry 14:55 28 Apr 2005

from my personal experence, the HDD is about to pop with occusional slow boot and no other reasons

it happened to me twice

  happy dragon 15:01 28 Apr 2005

what about downloading and running regcleaner it is suppose to make start up and boot up quicker click here as far as i am aware anything it finds is usally ok to delete when i ran it 1600 entries came up which i deleted with no ill effects a back is created just incase before you delete anything.

  Diemmess 15:34 28 Apr 2005

Long ago and before I learned better, I used to collapse my then W98 system by plugging in a SCSI scanner AFTER booting up. I admit that unplugging while Windows was running had no bad effects.

To this day the scanner has its drivers loaded first, and at no time do I interfere with any "yellow cautions" showing in device manager, (they only appear when the scanner is in circuit.)

In earlier days Windows used to ask for drivers it couldn't find. The answer was to work through the prompts and not try to feed the Scanner CD to it. Later the scanner was used with the Twain driver which Wincdows had conjured in the background.

I hope all-singing all-dancing XP has healed itself. There are those out there who believe it can do anything!!!

  John Crowter 21:25 28 Apr 2005

TomJerry - Hope you are wrong, but I have got my personal stuff on a separate hard-drive to the Pro OS, just in case.

happy dragon - Have done as you said and it did throw up a few things, but I already have Registry First Aid which keeps things fairly clean (I trust!)

Diemmess - The scanner is always plugged in, but only switched on when needed. I have had it 5 or 6 years and used it with Win98 before XP Pro, and then later with SP1 and SP2. Have never seen this problem before.

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