Sudden slowdown of my PC - why?

  Ellie3009 12:23 22 Mar 2003

My problem isn't a problem as such, more a frustration!

This week my computer has suddenly slowed down a lot, the difference being most noticable when loading programs, (especially OE) Internet pages, (especially Yahoo Mail) and in Word when I click file/print it takes ages for the print dialogue box to appear.

I haven't installed or removed any hardware or software, and I have only the essentials plus Norton AV running at startup.

I am running win98se, with 192mb RAM, Athlon 600mhz, HD 10gb (which is half-full.)

Can anyone suggest a reason for this sudden slowdown?

  Ellie3009 12:24 22 Mar 2003

I also forgot to mention that I have defragmented my HD quite recently.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:30 22 Mar 2003

Try cleanin temp folders out could speed things up click my comp right click hdd select properties /disk cleanup.

  Ellie3009 12:34 22 Mar 2003

Thanks for the suggestion, but I only did this last week so I doubt it will make much difference. I'll try it just in case though.

  Ellie3009 16:10 22 Mar 2003

Okay, I have just run diskcleanup, got rid of all applications that I don't use, cleared out old documents, and run scandisk, which found no errors.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

  he he :-)™ 16:15 22 Mar 2003

ur puter might not be in a good mood try stroking it. LOL :-)

  Ellie3009 16:21 22 Mar 2003

Perhaps it's just depressed because of the war?!?!

  duplo 16:26 22 Mar 2003

Have you ever formatted and done a clean install?
Your machine spec suggests you have had it a while.

Have you installed and uninstalled many programs while you have had it?

Try a registry cleaner...

  Ellie3009 16:41 22 Mar 2003

Had it a while...
Yep, indeed I have, almost exactly 3 years.

Format and clean install isn't a bad idea, but it would be a pain because I have a lot of large documents and freeware which are too big to back up to floppy disk and I have no CD burner.
I may give it a go in a few months time, but right now I am in the middle of 2 final year dissertations, so it isn't really an option!

I shall look for a freeware registry cleaner and give that a shot.

In the meantime, anyone else?

  Ellie3009 18:00 22 Mar 2003

Okay, the registry has now been cleaned and de-junked, and I have to say, it doesn't seem to have made a difference, everything is still painfully slow!

Someone out there must have a reason/solution for this!

  VoG™ 18:05 22 Mar 2003

Try CTRL+ALT+DEL and look what processes are running in the background.

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