Sudden problem

  Les 17:26 04 Nov 2004

Once again my neighbour has surfaced, as he always does when in trouble - the symtems may appear familiar to someone.

He's lost both Sound and his Internet Conections, at the same time he says.He has Tiscali (Daytime Use only accout) and Freeserve (a dial up account).

To me this suggests that he has modem problem of some kind as he can't dial up to either - what the odds on both going down at the same time?

And is the lack of sound a coincidence. He insists that noone has been messing around with his computer and, he says, all cables are connected as normal.

Any ideas

  fuzzyone 17:31 04 Nov 2004

Sudden problem,

it could be the sound that is away.

I believe that dial-up modems access the internet by sound waves going through the modem.

  Gongoozler 17:32 04 Nov 2004

What operating system does he have, has he scanned for viruses and adware/malware, has he checked in Device Manager for any problem devices?

  VCR97 20:52 04 Nov 2004

Sound waves don't go through a modem. The modem converts digital data to audio data by MOdulating an audio tone on the phone line. It receives a modulated tone from the far end and DEModulates it to convert to digital data. Hence modulator/demodulator aka modem.

  Les 23:19 04 Nov 2004

Good explanation Keith, I'm sure that Fuzzyone,like me, didn't realise what modulator/demodulator meant - well I'm sure that I didn't!

I'll check with him tomoorow - he's always working so it's not just a matter of popping round but I'll post any result.

I'll ask him what he has saved to disk lately, copy it to his 'dongle' (key disk) and then use System Restore for a start.

OS. Windows XP Pro

Thanks for the replies.

  hugh-265156 23:31 04 Nov 2004

ask him to try system restore to a date all was ok maybe.

  Gongoozler 09:45 05 Nov 2004

System restore could well solve the problem, but try the antivirus, malware detection (using AdAware from Lavasoft click here), and Device Manager suggestions first.

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