Sudden loss of address book in Outlook

  john bunyan 13:11 22 Aug 2014

I use Outlook 2007 as email client with W7. My "Outlook" folder is on my Data partition, and I make frequent mirror image copies of all my data partition to another drive.

Today, as far as I know without me doing anything, when I tried to use my address book to add a person to the "To" box, my address book was empty!. It took a bit if fiddling but I found in the left column under "contacts" there was an archive contact folder that I was able to copy to the normal contact folder, so I think all is well. However it is a mystery how it happened _ could it be my Malawarebytes pro, or Avast? Also , although I do back up the Outlook folder I really have no idea how to use the back up if needed! The files therein are "Archive" or .pst but if needed how do you use them? Anyone else encountered the sudden address book loss?

  john bunyan 19:10 22 Aug 2014

I assume mine was an isolated case?

  john bunyan 20:58 22 Aug 2014


I do use iCloud but have not configured contacts in that. Fortunately, there was an archive contacts folder , the contents of which I copied and pasted into the true contacts folder. It is one of those unsolved events.

I thought that by making a copy of the whole outlook folder I could find the address book, but I could not. I will in future do as you suggest

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