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Sudden FPS drop in all games

  Anon-2455379 15:26 05 Jan 2020

Hy guys, so I bought Lenovo L340 before less than a month. Until yesterday it had worked perfect. While playing one of my two games I have, literally between two rounds in game my fps dropped from 60 to 45. Than it kept dropping and getting back, which is really weird cuz for the whole month it was from 55 to 60 FPS. I thought the game was problem so I turned on my second game. Unfortunatelly, same problem. So I realized sth is wrong. The problem is I didnt have like graduall drop, it dropped without reason(although I think I alt+tabed for a sec, but that's something I have been doing for whole month). If anyone knows what the problem might be or even better, if anyone knows the sollution, I would appreciate your help.

Best regards,


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