Sudden errors

  kentylad 14:52 04 Jan 2003
  kentylad 14:52 04 Jan 2003

Recently, when trying to empty my recycle bin in WinME, my computer becomes unstable and slow. It starts saying that Explorer is 'not responding' when i press ctrl+alt+del and i then have to restart my computer.

I have recently installed some software which I have to admit, once it is up and runningit uses and awful lot of processor power, but this happens when the application is not running. Can anyone shed any light as to how I can ammend this problem, without re-installing windows + apps

Kind regards


Spec: 800MHz Intel Celeron, 512MB RAM, PCChips Mobo

  Mac & Beth 15:05 04 Jan 2003

The only info i can find on this is a problem when you have more than 4000 items in the Recycle Bin. Is this likely?

Try running Disk Clean Up. Open My Computer, Right Click, the C drive and click Properties, Disk Clean Up (next to pie chart of disk) One option is to clean the recycle bin. Maybe this will work.

  kentylad 15:10 04 Jan 2003

Ah yes i forgot about that

It does it when I have as little as 9 items in there

Kind regards


  Mac & Beth 15:14 04 Jan 2003

You might even have to try Safe Mode (although i don't know if can emptry the recycle bin in Safe Mode)

  Mac & Beth 17:41 04 Jan 2003

So what worked then?

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