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Sudden dropping out of Internet

  aitch2 09:10 21 May 2013

I have an Acer Desktop running Win7 which until yesterday has been working fine. Howver, whlist on the Net, I had a BSOD with an error mesage saying:

c**\windows\minidump\052013-29718-01.dmp c\user\app data\temp\wer-72727.0sysdata.xw BC code 50 BCP FFFF900cif9000 Page fail in nonpaged area**

Computer was rebooted and the same problem occurred when I next tried the internet connection. (Internet connection is good and stable as I can use the Laptop)I appear to be able to be on the net for a couple of minutes before this happens.

Have scanned with AVG, run Spybot, thinking it might be a virus but nothing sinister found. Even run defrag, but that OK also. Don't really understand the dialog box and messages so any help appreciated

  northumbria61 11:57 21 May 2013

Have you changed anything recently? Have you installed any Windows Updates?

You can try a System Restore back to a point before the problem started if there is one. You can also try running in safe mode to see if the same problem occurs.

  northumbria61 11:59 21 May 2013

If you have CCleaner installed try running the Registry first.

  T0SH 16:01 21 May 2013

Nine times out of ten page fault errors are caused by drivers crashing sometimes an update or even a roll back of the driver the event viewer or something like Who Crashed may guide you to the guilty party

Cheers HC

  aitch2 07:50 22 May 2013

After much 'faffing' around yesterday, eventually managed to get back to the internet and some reliability. Had installed 'NAT GEOG Calendars' to do a project for my neighbour. No updates involved though. Did run cCleaner with Registry, and normal scan, but nothing untoward found. Did a system restore and it's been stable ever since. No BSOD. However, I'm now told AVG Free, is off, and I can't switch it back on. Windows Defender is now running so I need to sort out that side of things today. Thanks for the help and suggestions, Aitch

  onthelimit1 08:47 22 May 2013

If you're having problems with AVG, run a malwarebytes scan in case something unpleasant has found its way onto your system.

  aitch2 09:45 22 May 2013

Thanks for that, I'd just done one when your post appeared. Nothing found to cause any problems.

  northumbria61 10:39 22 May 2013

You should be able to repair AVG via Control Panel - Programs & Features. Select change (not uninstall)

  aitch2 14:21 23 May 2013

Northumbria61: Tried your suggestion but whilst the computer chuntered away (no other programs running etc.) nothing seems to have happened, and still left with the inability to switch AVG back on, or for that matter, uninstall and re-install. Will also try a REVO download and see if that helps. Thanks,

  Nontek 15:08 23 May 2013

While you are using Revo (great program), get rid of AVG altogether and instead try Microsoft Security Essentials, which IMHO is really good - I and all my friends use MSE.

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