Sudden drop in Google page rank

  edenworkshops 09:58 14 Jun 2012


For years we have been on the first page of Google, mostly in the top 5.

Suddenly last week, I did a search for one of our primary keywords and found our site on page 5.

The same for other important keywords.

Can anyone shed some light on as to why this has happened?

Thank you


  spuds 10:03 14 Jun 2012

My answer to that would probably be one that other people are also seeking better and easy recognition, and as such making their keyword more accessible?.

Even PCA are trying to get a far better ranking, by introducing other methods of communication :O)

  edenworkshops 10:19 14 Jun 2012


Ime not sure I entirely understand your reply, partly perhaps, what would you suggest?


  Woolwell 11:19 14 Jun 2012

Have you read this How Google search works? Do you have links from other sites?

  edenworkshops 11:39 14 Jun 2012

Hello Woolwell

I am reading the page about Google.

I see in particular Google mention: The Panda update, this was carried out very recently.

"The Panda update was designed to improve the user experience by catching and demoting low-quality sites that did not provide useful original content or otherwise add much value. At the same time, it provided better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on."

All very noble, but we are a very high quality site with excellent rankings for years, the site is constantly updated with fresh original content etc.

And why have my competitors not been affected, those using the same keyword as we use.

We do have back links to our site.

Thank you


  Woolwell 12:11 14 Jun 2012

IMO the site looks cluttered, especially after you have scrolled a long way down. Have you contacted your site designer?

  Matt Egan 12:29 14 Jun 2012

There's a whole book to be written about SEO, and a profession of people to write the book. Google Panda may be a factor, but it is intended to weed out sites with thin or bad content, rather than punishing legitimate websites, and I don't know that there has been an update in the timescale you suggest.

But SEO can actually be a lot simpler than people think. Basically, if your content is relevant and there are plenty of inbound links, you should rank for the key terms for which you wish to rank. The key is (a) to have good content, (b) to edit it in such a way that it matches search terms and (c) to generate inbound links. (c) will follow if you get (a) and (b) right, and they amount, simply, to thinking: 'What will people search to find my site?', and then tailoring headlines, page titles and general content to match exactly those key phrases and words. Make sure there is plenty of content on every page, and make sure it is relevant.

If you've suddenly dropped, it may be that other sites have come along with better or more recent content. Or it may be that Google doesn't like your site for some reason, in which case you may need some professional expertise. But if you start from the basis of producing a site that someone would look for, you won't go far wrong.

  Ian in Northampton 14:49 14 Jun 2012

Paying for professional advice may well be worthwhile. Like everything to do with the web, SEO is a moving target: what worked last week - let alone what worked last year - is likely not to work today.

  Matt Egan 14:57 14 Jun 2012

Wise words Ian. For several years we cultivated inhouse expertise here at PCA, we still do, but over the past 18 months we have engaged a (very, very good) SEO consultant, and the results speak for themselves. It simply became too complex for Simon, myself and the rest of the team to stay on top of.

Two caveats, however: there are a lot of 'SEO consultants' who are little more than charlatans, with a base layer of knowledge, but little more than you can get from the Google Webmaster Tools (sign up for Google Analytics if you haven't already). Check them out thoroughly, and engage them on a contract that is modular (ie: small payment for first meeting and suggestions, further payments when work is delivered to your satisfaction, and if possible payments based on results.) And secondly, as I said above, if you have good, up to date content, and it is well laid out, you shouldn't need further expertise.

  edenworkshops 14:58 14 Jun 2012

I agree the site does look a little cluttered lower that is part of recent work I did on the site...the timing is about right...I can unclutter things somewhat. Do you think page clutter could result in a sudden drop in ranking?

One of the reasons I am hopping and up and down is because it is such a good site, I have been building it for 9 years and learning lessons along the way.

Every new page I put up is fully on site optimised, has good new original content that is extremely relevant for our visitors.

According the Stat Counter and Google Analytics our number of visitors has not dropped off, despite 75% of our visitors coming from search engines.

But something sudden happened, and now we have dropped off the radar.

Page clutter?? Could it be that?

Thank you


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