Sudden CPU fan error on computer

  apockalypz 16:33 23 Nov 2016

Hello kind strangers.

I have a 4 year old PC which has begun to have CPU fan error after boot up. I have never had any problems like this before, but suddenly it has become a rather large problem. When i start my PC after it has been "sleeping" i will sometimes see (on SpeedFan) my CPU temperature elevate fast, and after af little while the PC with power off. (I am guessing that these are the times were i would have gotten a CPU fan error on start up aswell). I have checked the CPU fan when the problem occurs and it has been working when i check it. (At least the fan has been spinning, but any other problem i wouldn't notice). I checked the cords and they SEEM to be placed correctly. At least none are disconnected.

I have researched this a lot, but some of it seems very technical. (Not nessecarily something i coulnd't do but rather something i wouldn't do unless it was the last option). I have seen people suggest: Updating the BIOS, bying a new fan, bying a new motherboard, changing cords to different kinds etc. All these ideas has been for problems similar to mine, but not identical (or so i've felt) But i would prefer to hear some thoughts on my specific problem (Again i feel the main difference would be the fact that it suddenly happened and was a problem from the start.

Some of the sites has simply described the problems in a manner where i wasn't able to understand all the terms. I am not a TOTAL retard but please expect to explain some stuff. I will provide more information if required.

Thanks to all the good people willing to help a simpleton like me :)

Relevant specs:


Cooler Master Seidon 120V

Crucial DDR3 4 GB DIMM 240-pin 1600 MHz / PC3

AMD Black Edition AMD FX 6300 3.5 GHz 6 core

Cooler Master G700 Powersupply

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 23 Nov 2016

If the CPU fan fails to run on boot up the CPU will overheat and the machine will shut down within approx 5 seconds.

  1. Its worth removing the fan from the heat sink and checking for a layer of fluff under the fan. Also dust out the heatsink. In the process you will be disconnecting and reconnecting the fan wires just check the motherboard manual to make sure they are on the correct connections. Its possible they have just worked loose and sometimes don't connect properly. Also make sure no cables can catch on the fan and stop it.

  2. You could also try renewing thermal paste / pad between heatsink and CPU but I don't see how this would give a fan error, just a heat error.

  3. Its possible the fan has developed an intermittent fault and needs replacing

  4. its also possible there is a fault with the motherboard or glitch in the BIOS hence the advice to update BIOS / change motherboard but I would do these as last items.

  apockalypz 21:04 23 Nov 2016

Hello good sir

Thank you for your reply.

I would like to add, that when i start the computer (and it functions normally) after a CPU fan error, i get a temperature from 17-30 (maybe 35 at the max). And after i did some cleaning the core pretty much has a steady temperature between 13 and 24 degrees celsuis. (which i find fairly low compared to standard temperatures within computers).

But i will try to checking the manual and the cords once again.

Also i considered trying to take the cord that goes from the heatsink on the CPU (the fan is placed elsewhere because of the design of the watercooling) to the CPUFAN on the motherboard and plug it in the CPUOPT. Would this work? Im thinking it could at least exclude the CPU_FAN plug. But im worried that it would get power or be detected by the system.

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