Sudden colour changes

  Ankermi31 11:56 12 Aug 2005

Windows XP. Spyware and anti virus has been run and also Windows Restore

On switch on I have found that my colours have changed and I cannot change

I have a very delicate shade of purple for example on PC Advisor the top PC Advisor Expert Advice is blue
The Tool Bar, File Edit etc and Address Bar and the PC Advisor web page is all purple background save for the message screen.

Gone into Properties: Appearance: This shows it as Windows XP Style (on changing to classic is does nothing)
Colour Scheme is default Blue.
I need to change the background back to white but cannot find out how.

No technical replies - cos I have no ideas really!!

  recap 13:13 12 Aug 2005

Open Control Panel and check to see if there an exclamation mark agains your graphics card (Display Adaptor). If there is, one possible cause could be that the card needs new drivers.

To do this go to Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware (tab)/ Device

  Ankermi31 13:37 12 Aug 2005

Thanks luck I am afraid. Have also checked out everything else in the list no exclamation marks.

Would it be anything to do with the fact it is set on Wxp deault? I have just fiddled into Classic view and have brought up the list of colours but then it seems to throw things out again.

  woodchip 13:41 12 Aug 2005

If you Monitor is a Crt Tube then ir sounds like you have lost one of the Colour guns, and you have to have all three working to get Black and White. Monitor Repair or New Monitor.

  woodchip 13:46 12 Aug 2005

If you can try the Monitor with a different Computer. failing that the Graphics card may have failed

  Ankermi31 13:50 12 Aug 2005

Hi Woodchip
Thank you! Have no idea what a Crt Tube is is it painful?! Everything else seems to be working fine. All pictures, Internet Explorer etc cds etc have perfect colours.

Its just the background to PC Advisor Web page OE and IE which has become "delicate"

I have found by changing to Classic from the default Windows XP in Appearances I can change the colours but then I seem to "throw out" my bottom tool bar etc. Sorry I am a bit of a novice when it comes to tech terms.

  woodchip 13:58 12 Aug 2005

Crt Like a old TV, Not Flat Panel

  woodchip 14:01 12 Aug 2005

If the other things are all OK in Colour then it's a Software fault on your Computer. May just be a Corrupt file. If you have a Full XP CD then go to run box, with XP CD in computer, type in run box SFC /SCANNOW press enter to check files

  Ankermi31 14:09 12 Aug 2005

Thanks Woodchip. Its a Philips Flat Screen.

Will have a go with the XP CD watch this space.
Thanks for your time

  johnnyrocker 14:31 12 Aug 2005

is it an hp machine?


  recap 14:41 12 Aug 2005

Crt stand for Cathoid Ray Tube, as woodchip say's like your TV.

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