Sudden Black screen on PC - Help/Advice Pls

  AroundAgain 20:07 27 Jan 2018


Windows 10 PC - recently re-installed Windows 10, all has been running well, until this evening. For some, unknown to me, reason, my screens have suddenly gone totally black, except one screen had a whilte line around the black screen (I've got two identical monitors and are set with one as extention, ie very wide screen)

This has happened x 3 times this evening. I've had to force shutdown or restart by pressing the restart button on box or holding the boot-up button on box for it to restart and then it seems to work OK again.

I did have Firefox running on each occasion, plus my emails (Thunderbird). On re-starting, and clicking on Firefox, the FF window said it was unable to re-connect me to my previous site.

I ran Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Prem but neither found any nasties. I've taken a look in Event Viewer but, as it's the first time looking there, I haven't a clue as to how to use it etc. Nothing jumped out at me, though, and no red or amber alert markers to see ;)

Can anyone tell me what they think may have happened? I'm not aware of any power cuts etc, in fact, all lighting/TV etc hasn't faltered and the lights on the computer box have continued to show.

Hopefully, this may ring some bells in someones memory ??? ;) Many thanks for any help or advice I'm using the PC now, to write this post.

  rdave13 20:16 27 Jan 2018

Reboot and manually update Malwarebytes premium. click here . Bad memory leak with it.

  wee eddie 20:17 27 Jan 2018

What's your Graphics setup?

  AroundAgain 20:45 27 Jan 2018

I suspect I had already updated Malwarebytes after shutting down because after re-booting, I ran Malwarebytes again so that would have updated it too.

So far, so good. It hasn't happened again since just before I posted. Thanks for the link - I had just read that post and thought it sounded similiar but didn't consider it was likely to be the same issue, mainly because I didn't get a 'blue' screen - I got black!!! ;)

Anyway, hopefully, it's OK now. I hadn't appreciated there had been an update, not that it was causing issues.

Many thanks rDave.

WeeEddie, I'm not sure quite what you're asking re grahics setup. I've got a Nvvidia card (sp), two Samsung monitors, one connected via the 'usual' port and the other is via HDMI. It works great although I often 'lose' my cursor with having so much 'workspace' ;)

  Govan1x 23:04 27 Jan 2018

Firefox at version 58.0 since yesterday so maybe need updating.

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